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  1. Just wanted to say something about lemons. I drank lemon juice mixed with water through a straw for a while and I have to say I don't think it's too good for you teeth. I mean, before my teeth were in pretty good condition but after drinking for a few weeks(even through a straw) my teeth started to turn brown and had all these weird marks on them. so I stopped drinking them and now my teeth are fine. I maybe overdid it but just be safe and don't go overboard!
  2. IMO, no matter how nasty a pimple is, never pop it. Ever That's easy to say but hard to do. Seriously if I have a whitehead and I need to go out in public I ALWAYS pop it. I can not go into public with an huge, ugly oozing whitehead. that's just gross.
  3. Hey! I've been taking Zinc for a week now and man. I can already see a lot of improvements. I had a breakout the day I started zinc, 3 big pimples. By the next day they were practically gone! It's amazing and my skin looks better and acne heals way better. I definitely recommend taking zinc. I take one 50 mg pill of chelated zinc. The brand is Solaray.
  4. hey i am really happy for you but I have a question. My derm also gave me some BP soap to use but I haven't used it since I first tried it out. I heard the BP neutralizes retin a and also when I first used that soap it made my skin very irritated. So should I try and start using that soap with BP in it again? Because you said you used it to clense your face before using retin a.
  5. Hey so I have been using Retin A for 4-5 months now and it has stopped my acne considerably, even though I still have tons of red marks and such. But recently I have been ex-foliating my skin too much which I know is really bad. So My skin is very raw looking and a bit red. So I was wondering if I stopped retin a for maybe 3-5 days would that have any bad side effects? like i wouldn't get an initial breakout again or anything would I?
  6. Hey everyone, I've been lurking around here for a while and I've been wondering on how I should go about healing these scars and red marks on my face(I hope this the right place). Just to let you all know I've been on retin-a for about 4-5 months(not totally sure) and my acne has gotten a lot better. I do still get pimples, but it's mostly on my jawline and chin(which i hear is hormonal). Before I went on retin A I had pretty bad cheek acne. And my acne is still bad, but it's gotten a lot better
  7. And a side note I use Retin A. And I've been using it for 3 and a half months, and my acne still doesn't seem to be clearing too much =/
  8. Ok, so I was looking at one of those "face maps" and it said something about cheek acne having to do with stress and stomach/disgestive problems. Does anyone know if that really is the cause of cheek acne? Because I have mild acne now and as of now I get mostly pimples on my cheeks and some on my chin. I HATE cheek acne because it leaves marks that take week/months to go away. And I'm wondering if maybe this cheek acne has to do with me and chewing gum? Because I'm 16 and go to school and i ra