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  1. Hey guys. I've been on Low-Dose Accutane for 2 years (10mg Twice Weekly). I haven't had any acne for over a year thanks to this regimen. However, I got strep throat 4 days ago, and was prescribed Cefuroxime Axetil (Two 512mg Pills Daily). Today is the 4th day of taking it. Since taking it, my skin has got worse, adding a couple new pimples each day. Again, I haven't had any problems with acne in over a year so I'm 99% sure the Antibiotics have something to do with it. Could this be a
  2. Around the 3rd week I vaguely remember getting a few pimples, but it wasn't anything outrageous, and it went away pretty quickly. I wouldn't even call it an initial breakout because it was rather harmless. I responded extremely well to low-dose accutane, I got 95% clear within 6 weeks. Most people who are scared to try accutane seem to fear the initial breakout, but you can't let that stop you. Chances are you still get occasional breakouts anyways if you need/want accutane, so why not take som
  3. I started taking Accutane in July of 2011. I had moderate acne on my forehead and side-burn areas. I had done plenty of research and decided I would go with the Low-Dose course, to minimize side effects. I was 20 years old at the start. I'm now 22 years old weighing in at 160 pounds (5'10). A normal prescription dose for my size would be 70mg daily. (MONTH 1-2) Started with 10mg daily. I wanted to get a feel for the drug, see how my body/skin reacted to a small dose. Skin clearing began with
  4. What's up man hows life??

  5. I'm a 21 year old male. Had moderate acne on forehead and sideburn areas. I started taking Accutane July 2011. A 'Normal' USA dosage of accutane for me would be about 70mg daily. I decided low-dose was a better option for me, to avoid the nasty side effects and to finally get my acne under control. My acne wasn't too inflamed or severe, but was definitely persistent. Nothing else was working. 10mg/day the first month. Started to see some clearing and mild side effects. 20mg/day til March (
  6. I have been on Accutane for almost 1 year. Started in July 2011 with 20mg daily. Today, June 2012 I take 10mg every day. I have experimented with many supplements to see what worked best with accutane. Today I take: -NOW Super Omega -Zinc (30mg) -Hydraplenish (HIGHLY SUGGEST - Relieves dry skin, eyes and lips. Also lubricates joints better than Glucosamine) -Probiotic I believe these 4 are a big help to combat what accutane does to the body. I have never had severe side effects becau
  7. Finally. Started Accutane in July of 2011, at 20mg daily. Today, June 9th 2012, I no longer have acne. Haven't had a new pimple for months. I still take 10mg daily, but plan to be done with that at the end of July. Ever since I lowered my dosage from 20mg to 10mg (in March), I started getting alot of clogged pores. They are extremely small, but every morning it seems like I have new ones. They only came around once I lowered my dosage, but I don't think I need to be raising it anymore. Wha
  8. I was gonna mention the issue with the lifting supplements as well. But if you insist Jack3d isn't aggravating your acne then you would know best. I'm 170 lbs and lift weights often, and I did notice some joint pain and I'm only taking 20mg daily. You will likely need to alter your lift style to do more reps of less weight to cause less damage to your bones.
  9. If you're halfway done then you still are in the clearing phase. You can expect some zits to still be appearing for another month atleast, and some small clogged pores as well. The last month should be the true indication of how well accutane is working for you.
  10. So taking Zinc was making you sick? Strange because zinc and Vitamin D are two of the best supplements for preventing colds and improving your immune system. If Zinc was infact making you sick, that means you were taking way too much, which in effect harms your immune system. If you were taking it on an empty stomach and it was making you puke "sick" then you just need to only take it with a full meal. As others have said, I think if you explain to your mom what you're taking it for, and tha
  11. Unfortunatley, marks generally take a little longer to completely heal on accutane because of how drying it is for skin. My skin is much smoother and I don't get many clogged pores anymore which improve the skin tone. I really do recommend Hydraplenish if you do decide to take accutane. It restores moisture to the face because accutane depletes Hyalaruic Acid in the body (Don't get this confused with making the face more oily). It also lubricates the joints which accutane can harm. Don't let
  12. I first got acne when I was 18... it came on pretty strong out of no where and it took 2 years for me to get it under control thru supplements. I would only get a couple pimples a week, but my skin tone was destroyed from my previous bad breakouts and I had healing marks all over that wouldn't get to fully heal because new pimples would form in the same areas. So 5 months ago I started 20mg of accutane daily. It's considered a low dose since I'm about 160 pounds. I can't tell you if it's com
  13. I dont know how long the blood work will take. You will likely get some random little breakouts for the first couple months, especially with a relatively high dose of 60mg daily. I never got a hideous breakout, but would get some random zits that seemed to form in the same areas that I always got zits. Like people say, it seemed like it was pushing out the oil and gunk from the problem areas. Now that I'm at month 5, those spots have essentially sealed shut and now are forming back to normal
  14. Beta Carotene will most likely not work in reducing the oil your glands produce. It's safer to try because it's not nearly as dangerous as regular vitamin A, but it's very unlikely it's going to provide results similar to accutane.