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  1. Calling this day 10 is a bit of a lie to be honest as following the instructions, I've had to stop the Isotrex Gel for the moment. I had been using it every evening on the areas that I get my acne and to be honest, it's been doing a pretty good job. My worst side has been clearing up very quickly and the other side has been blemish free. Although my skin tone is dire as I do suffer with hyperpigmentation, the texture of my skin has improved massively. It almost looks flawless after foundation an
  2. I hadn't planned on updating so soon but after 6 days of using Isotrex Gel in the evening, I'm experiencing a few things that I thought are worth mentioning. The acne is drying very fast however because of this, they are what a previous aesthitican I used to see would call 'blind'. She was referring to them having no head or coming to a head and therefore not able to be extracted. I suppose those sort could do with a cortisone injection. I've also had a few new spots appear. The biggest thi
  3. Thank you so much for your comment. I'll look into Mandelic Acid. Like you, Glycolic Acid is too harsh for my skin too. I've done peels and all sorts with that and it never helps. The same with Lactic Acid, that made my acne worse. Getting a hormone test has been something I've thought about for a while. I think you're right and I should go for it.
  4. I'm 32 and suffer with hormonal acne too. I applaud you for giving this I go. I know I certainly couldn't. Have you seen a dermatologist?
  5. I'm writing this a few days into my Isotrex journey but the pictures were taken on the very first day of starting it which was 6th January 2017. I have suffered with hormonal acne since 2007 ... almost 10 years now. It calmed down a lot 5 years ago after using a combination of various Lush products and only really got bad again last summer. The breakouts I was getting mimicked the ones I had been plagued with back at the beginning when all this started. I think going through a period of high
  6. Hey! I think tea tree works wonders for some people. I used it a lot and it cleared my acne in combination with cleansers and face masks. I wouldn't use neat tea tree oil though as this can irritate the spots. I used all products from Lush to clear my skin so am a total convert. I would recommend getting the Tea Tree Toner Water and Grease Lightning (this is a tea tree oil serum that you apply on the spots). Good luck, Kirsty x
  7. Hey! It's easy to get downhearted. When I started my lush routine, I had a good few months of up and downs. One week my skin would look like it was improving then the following week, a mass breakout again. I think it's a process our skin has to go through before it heals. Your skin looks similar to how mine was at the beginning. Good luck, Kirsty x
  8. Hey! Your progress is great. I'm glad DKR is working for you. It made my skin even worse unfortunately but everybody is different. I hope the improvement continues for you. Kirsty x
  9. Almost 2 Years On It's been 8 months since my last update and everything is still great with my skin. I'm now a Mum and gave birth to a healthy baby girl in July. She's amazing. I'll be completely honest and admit that I rarely wash my face anymore and just use a baby wipe in the evenings to take my make up off. Surprisingly, my skin is still clear. I've managed to attach some pictures of my face (no make-up, completely natural). I'm the happiest I've been in 6 years with my skin.
  10. Hey! Good luck with the light therapy. It sounds promising if you've already started to see improvements. I hope it continues for you. Kirsty x
  11. A Year On I've not updated this for ages as I actually couldn't find it. I thought it would be worth providing an update as I'm still using Lush products and very rarely get a spot now. I'm so glad that I found something that worked for me. I feel so much more confident about my skin and sometimes go out without makeup!! I'm also expecting a baby in June and I really thought that by getting pregnant, I'd start undoing all of the hardwork I'd put in with my skin but nope, nothing dra
  12. Sweetpea, you're still around! I was wondering how you were getting on. You're an absolute trooper for sticking with the BP, it killed my skin!! I'm just so thankful that I tried the Lush stuff as my skin is pretty much clear most of the time, I get no cystic spots like I used to and the when I do get a spot, it's gone within a matter of days. I feel so much more confident, even getting my nails done and a spray tan just before the wedding!! Eeeekkk!
  13. Update ... 3 Months On! I thought I'd make a quick trip back to Acne.org to see how people are getting on and whilst I was here, had a look through some of my posts. I can't believe my skin was ever that bad as it's been pretty steady since my last post. The Lush products really are a dream come true and without them, I honestly don't think I would have been able to improve my skin as the BP only made it worse. I'm so pleased that my skin has calmed down now. My partner (soon to be husband!) ha
  14. Jessy!! You look amazing, hun!! I'm so glad it is all working out for you. I've been absent for a while so I've only just seen your recent progress pictures. You are on the home straight now ... the only way is up!! x
  15. Day 100!! So I've been at this routine now for 100 days and I've been absent for a while, not updating as often as I used to basically because there has been nothing to report. I'm 99.8% clear of active spots, I have one small one on the side of my jaw which will be gone by Monday morning and the rest is hyperpigmentation. For the past couple of weeks I have changed my diet (near enough cut out carbs completely) and I've lost 3% in body fat and 2lbs in weight. Good times I can't quite say if m