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  1. Ok guys, it's been a looooong time, but I should post an update. I'm on my last couple of days worth of pills, and I'll be finished. All I can say is: what an amazing change! Watch my video update (it's sort of long, I'm a ramblin' man) for all of the details!
  2. Skin is doing pretty good. Almost done with my first month! Will be upping the dosage for next month. I've developed some sort of rash on my right hand. My hands have been unbelievably dry, and I think it started with that. I'll be posting a new video soon, and maybe some pictures!
  3. Day 17: Dry skin. Dry skin. Dry dry dry skin. My hands feel like sand paper, and the skin all around my mouth and nose are flaking like crazy. Lips are dry, but not too bad. Overall, I feel like all the water is being sucked out of my skin! Pimples are drying up and flaking away. No negative side effects that I can really think of. I had a few days where I would have weird vertigo moments, but I haven't had that for a week or so. My lower back is sore, but I think that has more to do with
  4. I would definitely consider it an initial break out. My skin seems to be settling down a bit right now, thankfully. It's drying out like crazy. All of the cystic pimples I've had over the last few days seem to be drying out, because around all of them there is dead, dry skin flaking away. I will do another video shortly, as I just finished week 2!
  5. That sucks! Stomach flu? Cold flu? Drink tons of water!!!!
  6. My skin is so baaaaaaaad right now, I don't even want to go to the store to buy food. I truly feel for the people who have severe cases. Must, power, through, this!
  7. Day 12 Lips are most definitely chapped. It's annoying, but not awful. I've had a couple more "vertigo" moments. They're brief and not bad, and I'm not even sure they're from the isotretinoin, but we'll see how it goes as I continue my treatment, and as I up my dosage. I've noticed as a whole my skin is starting to dry out some. I already had pretty dry skin, but now my face is getting more flaky, my hands are super dry, and my shoulders are more dry. I didn't know what to expect taking th
  8. Rachel, I just read through nearly this entire thread (too much time on my hands I suppose). Your skin is so similar to mine before you took accutane. It's awesome to see how well you're doing! Do you feel as though you've had any lasting side effects? I'll be on 60mg for the next 6-8 months, ugh. Thanks for continuing to post post-accutane updates! -John
  9. Reading through your list reminds me of many of the things I've tried! Good luck on this round of isotretinoin
  10. End of week 1! Video update: myresults_xnow: clear 2013, yes!
  11. I'm on day 4. Nothing drastic to report, but I did get a giant pimple near my left eye. I've got about 5 new pimples, none too big, except for the one near my eye. Maybe a slight IB? Not sure. Although this is how I normally break out when I'm not on any sort of antibiotic, so who knows. I'm a technical lead on a team of engineers, who are all at least 10 years older than me. I've always had a feeling in the back of my mind that they don't take me seriously because of my age, although I've pr
  12. Thanks for checking out my vid I've read good things about Spiro as well. I just want to point out two things: First, how excited I am to get this treatment going. I've dealt with bad skin for over a decade. I've stopped dating a few girls (plural) over the years because of how my skin has made me feel, and what it's done to my confidence. I've flaked on friends because of it. It sucks. I really hope isotretinoin helps! Second, I wanted to mention the cost. Blood tests (monthly): Free
  13. Hey Brownilocks I just checked out your pics, and I feel for you! I've never had it that severe, and I wish you luck with accutane! I've been taking my pills right as I eat dinner. I'd rather not find out what kind of reaction I have if I don't take it with food At this point I'm on day two, but my lips are peeling right now. They don't feel dry or chapped, but a layer of skin is definitely coming off. I understand the drug affects people differently, and at different speeds, but I certainl
  14. js327, I only had stomach issues with Bactrim when I didn't take it with food. I know the instructions say to take it without food, but everyone I've talked to, including my derm, says to take it with food to avoid stomach issues. My derms tried everything before accutane. My current derm told me all about the side effects, told me how she was going to administer it (start at low dosage) as to try and avoid initial breakout and major side effects. She told me that it definitely is a serious drug
  15. I definitely feel the same way when meeting new people. It's as if no one I meet has any skin issues at all. I honestly don't remember the last person I met my age (mid 20's) that had skin issues at all. When I get pictures taken with my friends, I definitely feel as though I stick out: the guy with the red face. It gets old! Good luck with accutane!