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  1. How can I redirect him to this forum ? What can I do is sending emails and I did If anyone lives there pls help
  2. Hello everyone We must take a positive step instead of just waiting and wasting our money , effort and time trying useless treatments Through my search on the internet , every issue and every disease is considerd in stem cells and people discuss the trials and the potentials , and some of them can contact drs and they hear some news and progress such as baldness , tooth regeneration and other diseases The only thing is under the study now is fat stem cells , but this will not help us because it
  3. It think it is another hoax like pixi dust "The same university name "
  4. I wish they start to look for somthing to fix scars And not to wait for this gun to be developed for our case @ ref , even if this is gonna be very expensive , if it is worth it ,We will try to save to get it . When I read the article for the first time I was amazed , but then I felt a little suspecious , I did not like the pic of the man who is holding the gun , does not look so serious.. May God help us
  5. I hope u get the result u r looking for mr president
  6. The video inside the link does not work in my country So I did not see the results Do u think this gonna work for acne scars in other ways ? http://m.kotaku.com/5750108/stem-cell-shoo...e-burns-in-days
  7. Hey everybody I would like to know what does skin regeneration with stem cells exactly mean Is it making the skin younger Or complete healing from scars and scratches ? They are now regenerating different tissues and organs. Through my internet research , scars are ignored The same old fat fillers are only discussed and there will be not that improvment with this old way. Tooth regeneration is widely discussed too , what the matter with scars! So , anyone here has an answer Thanx in advance
  8. Any clearer explaination ? Is it gonna help or what ?
  9. Count me in coconut scar I'm interested with ur updates Read this article http://www.dermatlanta.com/Blog/2010/09/30...ogy-procedures/
  10. We need a help from a dr or a nurse Keeping in mind that a very small doses are what we need
  11. Hey sassy 74 Thanks a lot I appreciate ur faaast respond And sure I will share my experience if I get it TC
  12. Hey guyes I'm so glaaaad that u r getting good results And thaaank u so much for sharing ur experience I have some questions 1-does eMatrix work for boxcar scars ? 2-is it ok to ger eMatrix even if u had medium peeling like dermamelan ? 3-can I get the eMatrix done only on the scars area or it should be on the whole face ? Thanks in advance