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  1. hibiclens doesnt dry me out... they have it at walmart. wash all ur makeup off, if you wear makeup, with a mild cleanser... apply the hibiclens..let it sit 2 mins..rub it in some, then wash it off... then dont put anything else on ur face. nothing. repeat 2xday works better than other stuff ive tried. give it a shot. dont get it in ur eyes also
  2. I use neutrogena unscented liquid face wash and then wash my face with hibiclens, let it sit 2-3 minutes, then wash it off..... after that, no moisturizer...no nothing. Well, this IS helping my skin but I miss being able to wea liquid foundation/powder/blush/etc. My question is: will the hibiclens be "cancelled out" by me wearing makeup. I scoured the hibiclens thread but couldnt find anything related to this.... all the threads said not to put moisturizer or anything else on after u use the hib
  3. Weird. I have the same exact reaction to BP. It makes these like 1-1.5 inch wide skin colored hard knots on my cheeks and all along my jaw. They are really painful and cant be popped or anything. Its weird and gross. They hurt so bad. Process of elimination was the BP for me too
  4. Well oddly enough an insect did that, but my face is full of acne scars...some looking very similar to that one but smaller and yessss, bc of cysts :( That particular scar is from a brown recluse. I have wonderful luck haha..
  5. I have this deep scar right by my nose---sorry that the pic is basically a nose shot. It was hard to capture on my webcam. The scar is about 1-2 mm deep and is usually red (theres some makeup on it in the pic)... i also have awful hyperpigmentation and scars on my cheeks...but for some reason all that really bothers me is this big hole by my nose. What kind of scar is this? And what are the best treatments for said scar type? Ive tried using silicone sheeting, mederma (total crap), vitamin E o