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  1. I'm afraid that using these heavier creams will create a little bit of milia or acne on my eyelids, because I occassionally get one or two on my brows/brow bones. But I'll see if any of these work xD.
  2. It's true, I don't know if anyone else gets it. But my skin gets SO oily, some of it somehow finds it's ways into my eyes, and it BURNS. Happens to me more often than ever now... I'm 17 btw, had acne since 8 - 9. Skin also started getting insanely oily then too, prior to that I had really nice porceline skin T-T.
  3. Actually babies can have acne believe it or not. Though their acne does not usually stay for very long, nor is it very severe. But I am currently trying baby oil as well. This is the first day so I'm not sure what will happen frankly =p.
  4. - Some little white heads still remain - running out of BP [so skimping a little bit on the dosage] - cysts have disappeared - scars from pimples remain - face still a tiny bit red - lots of red marks and hyperpigmentation - skin flakes less but still flakes [thanks to aha] - some new whiteheads - blackheads rarely appear on face anymore - breaking out seems to have stopped or is close to stopping
  5. Sorry for late reply, it's REALLY slowly making some progress. I'm running out of BP so I'm using less right now.
  6. It doesn't dry very well if I don't pat it[when I'm using alot of bp].
  7. I dooooooo, well if i use alot of BP then yes I do pat. When I use little bit, I don't pat because I don't need to. Seems to absorb for me.
  8. I had these bumps too[well if your describing is accurate enough]. They slowly decreased from month 1 to month 3. [Took 2 months for them to clear for me]. I also had a bit of cystic breakouts, I didn't usually get cystic acne before the DKR. But after the first few months, my skin is breaking out less now.
  9. So far it hasn't gone for me, it's been 3 months. Skin is still flakey, red and wrinkly/dry.
  10. to be honest, my initial breakout was weird.. i have had one so far every month, but the pimples i guess arent as big as they used to be? Also, i have severe flaking and ive been on the regimen for 7-8 months. This shit wont go away. I think benzoyl peroxide also gave me roscacea, because my cheeks are constantly red. fML I feel sorry for you then x.x. But it's only roscacea if it's RED, not just the pink/red sunburned look. Roscacea usually looks like you're kinda bruised. Hopef
  11. - Lots of little bumps on skin [small pustules] - New scarring [going away slowly with bio-oil] - Cysts appear to be disappearing slowly, no new cysts yet - Skin still dry, less flaking but still lots of flaking - Skin slightly less red, but looking sunburnt [bright pink] - Face looks darker than the rest of my body [i only use regimen on face]
  12. Yea my face went red too, so I switched back to my old moisturizer [bio Oil + Shiseido].
  13. Yea I'm on two months as well, and still breaking out. What does AHA do though?
  14. - Still breaking out - Lots of dark marks being left behind from acne - Acne is staying under skin but not really "clearing", just staying hidden - Skin is less dry, but still dry and still pretty flaky - Slightly less red, but still pretty red - Skin texture is kind of funky[dry, flaky, almost crusty]