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  1. Look up Dr. James Fulton. He is the top acne specialist in the world. No one is more knowledgeable. Bio Oil might clog the pores. You need to treat. Contact me - maybe I can help you get free product or hep you with it. You Can get rid of your acne with he right products and dilligence and no picking. And to improve scarring is possible but will need treatment and maybe in the future you can do that. But first get rid of the acne. You can do it - I see people recovering from sever cysti
  2. Fraxel and laser will do nothing - it is so unethical to push. Usually people will require dermabrasion buy someone skilled like where I had it done. I really had the most experienced - he has done thousands. Also other treatments like micro silicone droplet injections are usually needed. Many derms are not confident enough to do combo treatments and this is usually exactly what is needed. in addition a strong acne skin care line.
  3. Did he do it with a wire brush? He did manually. I am not sure - I will ask him.
  4. Are you using correct products ? Antihistamines will not help, and accutane will but you still need to be on product and get treatments. You can get rid of this. I know - I have been through it and got rid of it (but not as fast as I could have because I was misinformed along the way) and now am working on the scars with my dermatologist who is the best with acne and acne scars.
  5. I had a dermabrasion done with Dr. Fulton in Miami 2 months ago. He is brilliant. It made a big difference on my rolling scars. Not perfect but I am also doing the micro silicone droplet injections and that makes a difference also. Takes time though and patience. I have no more active acne - his products got rid of that. So not I just want to get it all smooth... If you do it you must have it done by the best. he is the best - there iis no one better and that is why I went to him. I a
  6. Hey - Like I said privately - I had a dermabrasion with Dr. Fulton in Miami and 3 rounds of micro silicone droplets. He is brilliant and because he endured acne he understands what it means to go through it. My skin has improved and I have no doubt that I will get a 90% improvement. I will not give up : )
  7. Please - go to Dr. James Fulton in Miami Florida. He wrote the book Acne.org. He had severe acne himself and has had all the procedures he does on others done on himself. He got rid of my active acne and is now working on the scars.... Go to him. he is the best in the world hands down and specializes in acne patients.
  8. This thread is heartbreaking. I have been deperesed too throughout having acne and then with scars. I finally got rid of my breakouts but I had to go to an excellent dermatologist to do this and he had acne himself and even wrote a book on acne. He is the top doc and still does not charge too much. I go to him becuase he feels so much for what I went through as he also went through it and has dedicated his life to helping people like us. Now that my acne is gone - I am getting micro sil
  9. I know a brilliant dermatologist and he does have a whole stretchmark program and I believe incorporates dermarolling and his products as he is also a chemist. I am going to go on the program even though mine are not too bad - I just want them improved.
  10. Fr, Fulton in Miami. He wrote the book Acne.org. He had acne himself and he has had the procedures himself that he does on others. I am going to him for injections now.
  11. Hi there, Look you need to go to an experienced dermatologist that has experience with multiple techniques. I am going to Dr. Fulton in Miami becuase he wrote the book acne.org. He had severe acne and he has had his own treatments so he knows what the hell he is doing and that is why I choose him. I fly 3 hours to see him, but you need to choose your own. So he has cleared up my acne completely (it is gone) and now I am getting combo treatments of dermabrasion and micro silicone droplets for
  12. Please go to Dr. Fulton in Miami. He wrote Acne.org. He had acne and he will clear you up and help you with any scars. His products work. Do not waste any time. He is the only Dr. who helped me and is the BEST in the field.
  13. I think your acne scars could be improved. But - Please do NOT use all these creams people are suggesting. Coco butter?? NO.. I has conjestion and acne for so long and it is gone now. Quickly also - because I am working with basically the best derm in the world. TRUE. He does not play around. You need to be on a good program where you will peel. And then you probably need to do a combination procedure. Most derms don't even really know how to improve and fix scarring. They suggest mic
  14. Hopeful - I asked my dermatologist yesterday about the weightloss thing because I am in the process of losing also and he said " The silicone integrates with the dermis - so there is not visible difference with weight loss" so I am going to do the procedure and lose weight as I heal...
  15. Because first - I have researched it forever and I had Co2 - 2 times and it was crap !! Microdermabrasion does nothing just cleans up the skin and refines a bit. Once active acne is gone micro and glycolic peels are nice to maintain that by keep ing the skin clean and exfoliated. But scarring needs a combination of dermabrasion and silicone micro droplets to fill in the shallow areas. Sometimes combined even more procedures. But it needs something agressive. I have read the posts of people