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  1. I really didn't wanna use accutane because I don't want my skin to get dependent on it, but I don't know how else I'm supposed to get my stupid glands to stop producing so much sebum. it's making me mad. I didn't have problems before the yucky hair growing parts of puberty, so maybe when my hormones settle down, my skin will go back to being less oily? I'm guessing he meant cutting the pills up into little slivers. EDIT: I know how to keep current blackheads looking a little better with the
  2. How do I prevent blackheads from coming back? I have used AHA, BHA, mandelic, clay masks, Retin A, BP, etc. And although with some, I see results...there's no preventing the blackheads from coming back and/or purging again when my skin feels the need to produce extra extra oil that day. Hair follicles make it worse. My face feels like an oily mess. I like using my clay masks, but I know that my skin will just freak out and produce more oil the next day. I can't use clay every day, so. W
  3. My skin looks like yours. This is very relevant to my interests. Have you tried washing your sheetS? I noticed when I do that, I look a bit more clear. I suggest doing it at least once a week. Maybe 2-3 times. I can't get rid of the red marks/breakouts either, although whiteheads seem to come up rarely now. It upsets me..I don't understand why I have nearly clear skin and then start breaking out again. Maybe it's stress? EDIT: also I use a different moisturizer as well. Just some Aveen
  4. Yeah, I've been using AHA the past week. I never used to use it.. I haven't noticed much improvement. The week has been terribly hard..I vowed not to squeeze to see if that'd help. Anytime I squeeze it's a red, inflamed mess in the morning. On the other hand, I want my skin to be smooth, and not have weird nasty crap underneath the skin bumps. I'm guessing we probably need some sort of stuff to dissolve it. So that the BP can actually get inside the pore and clean out the bacteria causing
  5. Hey, I've been using the regimen since last winter. I've been clear twice. However..I noticed that when I'm 'clear' I still have clogging. Looking closely in the mirror, I can see little skintone/greyish bumps. Particularly on my cheeks. (my nose always has blackheads, but not extremely noticeable so i've been okay with that.) Upon squeezing..which takes a good amount of force, a hard whitish yellow thing will come out. Sometimes it'll be stringy white (I think those are the less developed