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  1. Iv tried tons of 2 blade and with in days of switching to electric i got great results, they don't get that close of a shave but it's not too bad
  2. After about a month of initial breakouts my skin is clearing up with the regimen. I recently switched from a triple blade to an electric rotary razor and think that may be the biggest help? Have any other guys seen good results from switching to an electric razor? Or is it the regime finally clearing up my skin?
  3. hi im on my 3rd week of using the acne.org regime with all of the acne.org products and my face has cleared up some but i have a couple pimples that i have had for months on my chin. would it be smart to start using the acne.org AHA as a spot treatment or should i wait and stay with the cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer for a little longer and see how it goes?