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  1. Same with me, I just want to eat a chocolate fuge cake right now, mmmmm.
  2. Alternativista: Why do you recommened soaking it over night?
  3. Which food do you think helped most to cut out for you or do you not know yet?
  4. OK I see. So you would recommend many smaller meals over fewer big meals. I got a question though. Say if I eat lunch then 30mins later I eat more, would that be long enough to be considered another meal?
  5. You seem to know what a low GI diet is. And all you have to do is look for Glycemic Index list of foods to learn what's high vs low GI. However, it's the glycemic load of the meal that matters, not the GI of the individual food. Combining high GI foods with low GI foods reduces the impact. And the load takes into consideration the amount of food you eat because a tiny amount of a high GI food can have less of an impact than a large amount of a more moderate GI food. Shouldn't the GL in a
  6. I also got batch 0181 and it sucks pretty bad. I never had much problems with the BP before but this batch is making my skin dry and I'm only using 1/4 of a pump. As with Jonbo05 I change back to the old BP (borrowed from my cousin) and my skin reacts a lot better to it.