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  1. hey there, your acne is not severe imo. it is really great, that you did/do not pic your skin!! so the chances of getting scars is very small, i would say. what you can try is: eat healthy food but eat those things that you like. eating should be a pleasure. you can eat sweet but don't 'overdose'. drink a lot of water and if you want, you can try zinc (tablets). wash your face in the morning and in the evening with pure organic honey!! and make a pure honey mask two times a week, that you leav
  2. hey there, maybe your skin is to sensitive (as mine) for this products. i stopped using them. my miracle cure was honey!!! pure organic honey. give your skin a rest and just support it with very mild products. honey takes away the redness and soothes (can you say that?) your skin!! but the most important thing is: believe in yourself. actually you have the best medicine inside you!!! as soon as i started to see the good things in me and how great i am my skin condition changed dramatically--