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  1. The browning is the glycation/caramelization of the sugar present in the bones, so it does impact the flavor, but I don't know if it will impact anything nutritionally, though I imagine not. I've had my fair share of beef based pho, and I think one of the most important things is a broth that has the bones/joints simmering for at least 8 hours. Equally important to the unique flavor profile is the cinnamon, star anise, cloves, fennel, cardamom, coriander seeds, and fresh herbs that come along wi
  2. Hey Tim! Empty your PM's man I just wrote out a long one trying to catch up and it says your all full! Love to hear from ya, peace! :)

  3. I agree with the sentiment that people shouldn't beat themselves up over having acne or if they don't have success with diet, and that people should steer clear of the 100% cures and people who rack it all up to leaky gut, candida, demodex mites, or whatever else. That being said, you haven't exactly linked any evidence that absolutely establishes no link between diet and acne. It's sort of ironic that you're so sure of the etiology of acne to the point where you can't have an open discussio
  4. I've never seen what you're looking for (under vs over weight nutrient level analysis). You ask very specific questions that are all over the place in quick succession. I think you're way too stressed about this.
  5. Yo Tim! I bought Ni No Kuni man! Are you playing it? It's so good thus far! Thanks for that dude, I owe ya one :D.

    1. User142279


      Sup Thanatos!

      Nice man, glad you like it! I figured it would be up your alley! It really takes me back to that classic RPG sort of feel, with all the modern looks. Mr.Drippy's substitute cuss words always make me laugh :lol: I'm about 18 hours in, and play it whenever I get the chance! How's gaming going with lawyering? It's cool you still make time for gaming; I'd bet work keeps you pretty busy!

    2. Thanatosia


      Haha yeah man its really cool! I just got Esther, and on my way to the Sage Trials. Certainly a great RPG, and loving it so far. However, There are a few aspects of the game that sort of annoy me. The game has this sort of 'hand holding' aspect to it. Also, only being able to cast spells when dialogue prompts it is silly! (the spells don't have to WORK, but at least cast it :P.) I'm not a huge fan of some of the familiars either! Those are all minor things, though,...

  6. ^ Really well put Green Gables! Most people really don't give a second thought to how much stress actually impacts life; especially their own.
  7. Youtube videos embed when you post the URL :o Took me a while of posting ugly code looking stuff to figure out that it was something that seemed too simple to be right!

  8. Chichi has a bunch of great recipe for offal. You can get quality offal meats for the same price as offal meats, so learning to cook good offal meals is a great way to save money while still maintaining a nutrient dense diet. As a sample of one of my favorite's, here is 4 ways to cook beef heart. Grass fed, pastured, organic beef heart from one farmer at my market is $3 a lb, not much more than cafo ground beef.
  9. Great blog for Thai food! A lot of the things are acne friendly, and I linked to tom kha gai, which I'm very fond of. Your Asian Market will carry the harder to find things like lemon grass, kaffir lime, and galangal. Don't substitute powders them for powders! There are a variety of pastes you can buy from markets that are usually entirely whole food ingredients, though I haven't seen one for tom kha gai. Aroy-D in the coconut milk section is just coconut milk and water, and they have a variety
  10. I don't know if I posted it here before, but Ted Grossbart's Skin Deep has a bunch of good exercises to help deal with stress as it relates to skin disorders. It has some pretty interesting information as far as how powerful the mind is when it comes to health in general! it's a long read, but worth it to really shift your mindset.
  11. You've got a great mindset! The best results are always way later on. It's good to know it works with your skin! So many people are fond of Dan's AHA! If I didn't have psoriasis on my face occasionally, I'd still be using it (ended up giving it to my mom again ). I'm doing pretty well, thanks for asking! Just doing school and all that. This is probably my best semester skin wise, and I'm sure you can relate: it's nice not having to really worry about skin as much! Things aren't perfect necessari
  12. It can be really frustrating I'm sorry to hear how it comes and goes for you like that. Reading your posts, I think you've said before that BP works for you? Have you considered trying it again? Remember that this state is only temporary, and things are likely to improve! And EFT! I've read stuff about mindfulness and practiced before, but I think EFT really helped me to understand the idea of learning (and I do mean learning -- it's a process!) of letting go of the emotional aspect of acne as
  13. really? where do you live? Btw, how do you people even tell what breaks you out? If you are like me (and have consistent acne most of the time), it is almost impossible to do so, unless you go on a very very strict diet. According to tim12, eggs give him immediate headaches and stomach issues. Well when i eat wheat (or white bread), which is considered one of the worst grains out there, i don't get any symptoms from it (minus the acne of course). Some googling of your town + farms + eggs