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  1. Oh come on - get a hobby or just something different to obsess about that isnt your skin. Having bad skin does not stop you from living. Think how small our planet is compared to the universe and how tiny and meaningless we are. Keep life in prospective!
  2. I think its probably more likely that you have just irritated your skin. If you just leave it alone it might heal. Time heals all.
  3. Oh no im not on antibiotics - I know I would never take them. But im just wondering if anyone knew why only particular antibiotics are prescribed for acne?
  4. as soon as he said medicine is an art not a science - I gave up on him.
  5. You drink pisss?!? - couldnt that cause like severe health problems, because isnt urine like full of the toxins our body removes? - you`re very dedicated. I was raw vegan for about 4 months - I dont think it made much difference but I dont have much acne. I had to come off it in the end because I became so thin. I started to look as though I was fading away, my GP said that I was starting to look like some of the cancer patients on these terrible chemoptherapies. I really advise against it, but
  6. Im sorry but I really doubt antibiotics will be able to get rid of that. :/ You probably need to take accutane as body acne is much more difficult to get rid of.
  7. Dont take antibiotics - they just make your skin greasy and then become useless after a month. Also dont use topicals because you have a lovely skin tone and BP would just make it red and horrible. My actual advice is just to stop worrying about it and live life to the full - you still look lovely and you dont wanna end up living your life in your bedroom obsessing and rubbing endless products into your skin.
  8. Hey timmy Loving the new picture - shame the ears have gone:) - but you cant have everything.
  9. Does anyone know why only certain antibiotics can be prescribed for acne? - Why dont all of them have an effect? What makes erythromycin, doxycycline ect special?
  10. Pritty Plz talk :P - ive gtg soon

    1. We`re on together :P

      1. Ive personally been swung (by tangerine and her dr grossbart i think his name is) into believing that acne is caused nearly completely by psychological issues - insecurities, fears and anxieties. Try and remember what you were feeling during the time just before it started breaking out. Did you do anything you dont usually do, does it have negative memories/connotations? I know this sounds stupid and if i had read this a couple of months ago i would have thought this person needs a psychiatrist,
      2. Gaga Oooh lala - i dont mean to sound like an ignorant prick tim, but dont you think you might be overdoing it. How much is that costing you - Wth even are all of these things? On the positive side the picture of your cheek looks amazing. :P
      3. Whaaa? Ummm I guess I can't hear you then.

        1. Claudius