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  1. hm...follow derm instruction for two months if thats wont work u should go on accutane
  2. hi! if i got so big cyst on neck(which i get) i wait till they reach maximum size.that i masage them with finger and hot water (strange i know) till they become soft and feel there is just a thin skin above cyst.then i pop them with needle and squeez sebum out.it always come to surface.the scar is every time smaller than it would be if i just wait months for cyst to disapear by itself
  3. 3 months ago i started taking 30 mg of accutane.not because of increased alkaline phosphataze just on 20 mg even if i got acne conglobata. do you think im i will be cured?
  4. i don't agree completely. maybe this part of a milk allergy is really dumb and hypochondriac but knowing that accutane was designed for brain cancer chemotherapy is bit scarry and fuckin true
  5. oh thank you!i will fix that =D

    1. hey nick the link u posted to ur pics is messed up- any other way i can view them? thank u brotha

      1. yes,its way better.lno scarring or sign for severe acne at all.