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  1. p.s. i'm not even sure if this is the right forum spot to put this..but hopefully it's ok...thx
  2. hello, long time acne.org reader...everyone seems so helpful here so i'm just wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions to put together a new regimen... (i apologize in advance for being so long.) my acne...started getting pimples in 4th grade, got increasingly worse from there...i've tried various over the counter products and been on lots of different perscriptions and oral antibiotics thru the years...not comfortable being on oral antibiotics anymore (hurts my stomach). i'm now 25 ye
  3. wait, you put monistat on your face? i've never heard this before but i'm all about saving money! it doesn't break you out or anything? i'm desperately trying to fight shine...i heard milk of magnesia as a primer helps (been trying it but i don't think it really lasts longer than 10min).
  4. it seems like everyone on the message boards hates neutrogena but i liked their "healthy skin enhancer"...it does like 4 things, didn't break me out, was pretty good at evening skin tone. but tinited moisturizers are not enough coverage for me.
  5. do you have oily skin? i do so i really liked estee lauder double matte foundation. but there isn't a very large shade selection so i can only wear it if i'm tan in the summer it has nice coverage but still looked natural and not cakey. plus it's oil free. have you tried going to a makeup counter for suggestions free samples? makeup forever is a high end line that you might find interesting. if your concern is lasting all day and everything, i would definitely use a primer--for your foundat
  6. hello, having acne is definitely tough sometimes, but don't let it stop your life...i understand it sucks to go to work when you have a giant pimple that's swelling your eye shut (which happens to me every once in a while) but i still have to go to work i guess my advice is to just find a regime that works for you--it takes some trial and error. and your skin may never be perfect. have you been to a dermatologist? there's great advice and product reviews on these boards, so look around! it's
  7. i know what you mean...when i was in high school i had bacne in the exact shape of the Y of my sports bra. i guess as i've gotten older i don't have AS BAD of bacne. but maybe you could try sports bras with different back shapes so that different areas can breathe? idk if that would help...and definitely be sure to get out of your sweaty clothes ASAP. sorry i don't have better advice; i know there's also a Regime for body acne, if you haven't tried that yet.
  8. i'm in the US, anyone else using the panoxyl aquagel 2.5% BP gel? I'd really like to try it but can't find it anywhere but random shady-looking websites (which I'm not sure I trust... ) If you're using the aquagel, where do you buy it? All I can find is the cleanser and bar soap. Thanks so much!
  9. hello! new here...i've been on perscription benzaclin for several years now. but my insurance no longer covers it and i can't afford it anymore...been reading alot on these boards. I'd really like to try panoxyl aquagel in 2.5%. but i don't know where to buy it? Are you in the US, seems like everyone who says they're using the panoxyl are in the UK... Where do you buy it? Congrats on your success with the BP! I'm hoping I can have similar results, but am nervous about going off a perscription