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  1. Hello Everyone, Feeling a lil depressed and couldn't any better place to share how I am feeling today. I finished a 7months accutane 40mg course in Feb this year. Its been exactly 3 months post accutane today and i felt its coming again. No pain, no bumps , no pastules but I am just feeling large red spots on my face with accompanying white heads. I did have post acne red spots but today it seems a bit too much. Is this acne? Not sure if its acne coming back or it could just be p
  2. Thanks so much. I hope both of us will stay clear. How oily ur skin is now? I am 26 and I never had a nodular and pastular acne in my life. It was only 3 yrs ago I started breaking out like never before and now i m getting more and more worried about it. As my face is completely ruined with the red marks. My skin got really over oily 3yrs back and I believe this is what caused the acne breakout. I just pray that I won't have to face such acne neither I want to go back to accutane again cuz o
  3. Hi All, May be most of the people who are clear and done with there treatment won't be hanging around in here. However, I'll still throw a question to the readers. I took my Last Accutane pill on Sunday and hopefully finished with my 7 months course which was my 2nd course. I am not sure if the derm is going to put me on topical treatment or not. I wish and hope he will do. However, I just want to get my thoughts about my post accutane regimen. Any vitamins or supplements I can u
  4. I am on 2nd course now and faced the similar issue. But I was only on 40mg for 3 months so half a dose and probably that's why I started to break out and the oil came back again. I know how it feels , I know it feels to see your skin super oily unlike others. This is indeed depressing. But have faith. Get in to the habit of good regime and keep your skin clear off oil , don't watch it too much either. I have heard that jojoba oil is good for skin , i know it sounds silly but the way it works
  5. Hello All, Hoping to get some feedback. I am in the 6th month of Accutane on a 2nd course of 40mg. I have never got a single pimple since after the initial breakout. Now I am nearly finished but scared that it will come back my skin is all clear and not oily at all. When I wake up in the morning I have a little oil on my nose and chin which is strange because I am still on accutane , how come I have oil ? But I am scared of the access oil after the treatment which is hyper active glands
  6. Hi, I am on 2nd course of tane and have got a very high prescription too. But I didn't face any severe dryness. I would suggest u to use dry eye drops just before u put lenses on. They do help alot. I only use daily disposable so I would suggest the same to u and u shud be ok. no need to stop looking beautiful while on tane.... xxx
  7. go on easy give it sometime.. It is a miracle drug but expect it to do things in a wink. When i did first course my skin got dried with in 15days. but when i started 2nd course, it took a month almost to start showing signs of drynes... just hang in dere. everyone reacts differently to the medicine. Some people might not dry at all. U never knw.. xxx
  8. Hi All, I have a quick question. Can I exfoliate while on tane? I just bought a bodyshop aloe vera exfloiater for senstive skin . Can I use it twice a week to get rid of dead skin. I don't have any new pimples or spots on my skin at the moment. Just post acne red marks are left. Also, Can I take steam too while on tane? I am having bad flu. And I wanted to take steam but I was just thinking is it ok to do it as the skin is very thin at the moment. Please let me know. Many Thanks
  9. I just the foundation price online you mentioned it says £98 :S thats just so expensive of what the price you told me ..tsk tsk
  10. Hey Again, But why two foundations?? and how you use them ? can u please tell.
  11. I know exactly what you mean .. sometimes you feel good but when all of a sudden you look at your face and you think when this all be over.... Thank you so much for posting sucha detailed response on foundation. I need to book an appointment with them. and I would definitely wana test so I can see how good they are I guess , we are at a point where we can spent anything to make our skin look better. Trust me , before going on accutane I have spent tonz of money on every single thing I cud. T
  12. Thanks all, Great advices. I'll definitely get few testers and check out for few days. I have got clinique near by me and they definitely do give free stuff. I should try that one. I am getting many votes for bare minerals but the problem with them they don't give you testers and I don't liek that. I wouldn't wana spend money and then ended up not using it. My friend uses Estee Lauder double wear and she did mention its quite good. I would look out for that as well. The problem for me ri
  13. Hi Again, I am definitely definitely keen to know about a good foundation and pressed powder. I am not using any makeup at all. Just the moisturiser and jojoba oil. My skin is really irritated at the moment even if i wash with tap water. I have actually started skipping face wash cuz it just hurts. I so want to get a nice foundation and powder. I tried so many but all makes my skin look so flaky and I prefer to leave my skin as it is. There are so many red marks and the new ones now so I want s
  14. Thanks Crys. Any brand I should specifically look for?? Oh u meant bare minerals the brand sorry !! I am sleepy
  15. Hi All, I need some advice on makeup. I am not using any makeup at the moment. Just moisturise with Clinque anti blemish solutions moisturiser. Rightnow I am in my 2nd month and badly scarred and broke out so badly last week. The face is looking horrible and I am thinking to invest in some good cosmetics which could hide this redness and scars. The reason I have been avoiding makeup is coz my skin is just so flaky now. If I use face powder afterawhile skin sheds. I did use foundation but tha