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  1. Hi, thanks for your encouragement.I am now on 40 mg a week.I also use Differin.I am 100% clear.Ha ha it is great . I have acne just on my forehead.Now,the scars has faded. I am very happy.You can ask your doc to give you differin or benzoyl.It will help you. By the way, you live in Singapore. There are many chinese living and studying there.Are you able to say chinese? Good luck
  2. Hi, fel_han.If you do not think the reasult is good,you can ask your derm to up your dose.(maybe 40mg a week) I changed my dose 3 times . At first ,3 days 10 mg makes me clear.But the weather got hot in China, so my derm let me took 40mg a week. 3weeeks later,i am on 50mg a week.However, i think i will on 30 mg a week in winter, beause my acne is not bad in cold day.Low dose accutane is a good way ,although high dose can "cure" acne(side effects are sometimes dangerous).I do not want to go t
  3. I have been on low dose accutane for 6 months.40mg a week.i got dry eyes and red eyes.I was off it and used eye drops.I feel fine.I do not know why on 5mg accutane makes me get dry eyes.Dose it last long time? I need some help.Thanks
  4. Hi,i am also in a ultra low dose accutane in china.I am on 50mg a week ,sometimes 40mg a week.It works great.So do not worry about its reasult. Good luck.
  5. Awesome! I'm 126 lbs and i'm on 30mg at the moment, however i'm currently dieting as my ideal weight is 119 lbs hehe.. but I think i've been over-eating when i've seen the acne lol. I understand where you are coming from my self-esteem was destroyed. However I've tried to be upbeat about it. Of course you're going to be your worst critic, but if you find yourself staring into the mirror try to walk away, the treatment is working, but it won't overnight...so walk away! :) hehe. Good luck w