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Gave me a 6 month window of clear skin. Made my hair less oily so I could wash it less. My acne came back within 6 months of finishing my course. I have permanent side effects: sensitive skin, more migraines, joint pain (often severe). While taking the drug I was exhausted, made my skin painfully dry, lips were bleeding/cracking. I regret taking accutane. I seriously wanted this to be the "miracle cure" that so many people made it out to be. Originally after taking accutane I was

By jennifer36,

-significantly improved complexion -cleared existing acne in two days -skin feels extremely clean but hydrated -made my skin glow -natural -no harsh ingredients -worked on my hypersensitive skin -did everything promised on package -a little goes a long way -the price This product has worked miracles on my skin. My acne normally is very persistent, but I have hypersensitive skin so I can't use most products out there. I am 5-6 months post accutane and start

By jennifer36,