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  1. Hi, thanks for the suggestions. And might I ask, what did you eliminate from your diet. So far I got rid of dairy with no avail. Do you think it's just hormonal? I'm not trying to do birth control at all nor any type of antibiotics because I'm trying to keep my regimen natural as possible. It's been sort of a process. I did 30 days vegan, nothing fried, no refined sugars, no alcohol, low sodium, no soy, generally healthy. After that I continued the vegan, with the exception of honey, the other r
  2. Definitely try both. I'm an active user or both clay and tea tree oil, although I use bentonite. Mainly because that's what they had at the health food store. Clay probably will make you break out more, but only the first few times you use it. About a week later you'll see the difference. Clay does pull the toxins out of your pores, and I think it's something that you should try. It makes such a difference for me. I would recommend mixing the TTO into your mask to get the best of both. TTO d
  3. You should go on some sort of elimination diet, or at least do a one by one of all the common triggers. First of all cut the gluten and dairy though. 30 days is a good test period, you'll be able to see a difference by then. Foods you eat can cause breakouts lasting even as long as two weeks. I can only see soy being a "bandaid" for your acne is a psychological thing. More so I think it's because you're using the soy and not consuming dairy (which you've identified as most likely a trigger fo
  4. How long exactly has it been since the switch? Something you ate even two weeks ago could still be causing your breakouts, acne can crop up quickly, but generally speaking it takes at least a few days to form from something you ate, and it's not uncommon for that breakout to continue for two weeks or so. More likely (if you are allergic to gluten), since you've been eating it your gut is damaged and inflamed, causing your breakouts. Try not having any gluten at all for 30 days and note if the
  5. Holy shoot, it's been months! Unfortunately I can't say I'm clear entirely, but definitely close. My breakouts follow a strict pattern now, mid cycle and end of cycle, to be expected since stopping the bcp. In terms of my diet, no changes at all. No cheating either. Sometimes I have more natural sugars than I should, but that's the closest to cheating. The tea store I work at has the greatest beet root sugar, so good in iced teas! Religiously doing spirulina and chlorella, drinking more white t
  6. Amazing, what type of process do you use to make your soap? I never could do the vinegar rinses on my hair, but either way my hair's faired really great without it. That's unfortunate that you're unhappy with your skin, definitely try cutting the soy milk and see what happens. I love almond milk, it's a great alternative. That's great that you're doing a manuka honey and clay mask, my skin always glows so much more the next day after I've done one. Also, have you been trying them out for long? I
  7. It's possible your acne could come back. Some people's does come back, some does but they have less severe acne, some stay clear entirely. My acne came back, but that might not be the case for you. Anyways, when I finished my accutane course (a year and a few months ago) my skin wasn't quite clear, but continued to clear up over the first month after stopping. It continued to stay clearer than ever for about 6 months. Bottom line is, I wouldn't be surprised if your acne clears up more in the
  8. Thanks! It's been great so far already, so many different kinds of tea to try. I'm glad about the BCP stoppage, but worried still that over the next few months my skin could get worse while transitioning. Based on some posts I've seen in the hormonal treatment section of the site it seems like a possibility. Either way, it's something I'm happy to be done taking. How has your skin been over the past week? Any diet/supplement/regimen changes? I love checking in with your progress too, especially
  9. Unfortunately, I reached my photo upload quota for this log, so I've uploaded photos to my gallery! That's what I'll be doing from now on, but included is a link to the album! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/gallery/album/12221-2012-progress/
  10. jennifer36

    2012 Progress

    This is new photos, I reached my upload quota in my log, so I'm posting all new pictures to here instead.
  11. Thanks everyone for checking in, sorry for my really long time away from the org, busy, stress, lots of things. A huge thing has been trying to think less about my skin, and unfortunately using this site religiously like I had been doesn't keep my mind off my skin. I took the plunge and stopped my birth control pills. Stopping taking them had the effects I imagined it would exactly. I`ve been off of them about 6 weeks now, a bit more than that actually. I stopped them as soon as the cycle I w
  12. I've basically given up on gluten free bread altogether. My mom is celiac though, and she likes Udi's breads, but mostly only if they're toasted. There is a local bakery near me that bakes fresh gluten free breads, and they make really good bread. It's very expensive though. Try looking into fresh local bakeries near you, that's probably your best bet for good gluten free bread.
  13. I'd say he could cleanse with the manuka honey instead of using it as a mask (I do this in the mornings) and then use the chamomile tea. I've always found the tea to be so beneficial. The mask is much more effective than just cleansing with it though. You could try and see if he'll tolerate the mask just once in the evening. I have tried Manuka honey. Even paid 50$ yes 50$ for a tiny tiny bottle. It was the most expensive one. None of my marks went away and none of my acne went away. Rema
  14. I'm 20, and I don't think my acne is hormonal. I think my acne is based on a damaged gut and food intolerances, the gut damage could be largely in part due to having taken accutane in the past. Also, I have tried washing with water and it's not for me, at least at this point in time. Maybe once my gut is repaired and I've gotten rid of the bacteria on my skin. For now I'm using clay, manuka honey and tea tree oil which is clearing my active acne very very well. I've had way more results with die