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  1. Hello, Oh I have written so many posts I am beginning to just, loose it. Of course I had a pretty large break (about a 5 year break) from coming on this website because I was 99% clear on BeYaz Birth Control and 100mg of Spironolactone. But I am now 25, and about a year ago, something happened, and it just started coming back. The big giant cysts, but this time also, something else different - a ton of under the skin tiny whitehead bumps speckled all over my face. Immediately I just lost it, a
  2. Ahhh! I upped my Spiro to 150mg for 2 months, and still it is doing NOTHING now. My skin is ridiculous, huge insane cysts and a million tiny whiteheads that I just want to scrub off. I'm also back on the birth control, just over a month, just absolutely no change. I EVEN have been on 200mg Doxycycline for 2 weeks now, and its literally not doing one damn thing. Before that was my last resort that always worked to clear up a flare up, within days they would flatten, now NOTHING. I'm starting to t
  3. Hello! Did this ever help you for your acne? I am also looking into Natazia
  4. No she has not brought that one up, she wanted me to get a combination of cortisol testing, DHTs, DHEAs just the whole thing - but I have heard of this test throughout my research, it is connect with ACTH and cortisol and the pituitary? Its something I would like to get checked out of course with an endo. I actually have not spoken with my naturopath in a while now, since she has referred me to an endocrinologist because she is stumped. However I do not have really great health insurance right n
  5. Hello! I actually ended up starting Inositol 1500mg 3 days ago (Jarrow's myo-inositol pills), split up into 2 doses - no side effects or any difference yet. I thought maybe I would feel some sort of effect the first day with just taking such a high dose - but nothing. It was a kind of last 'lets try this' suggestion from my Naturopath since we are so stuck on what the root is, so we thought Inositol if I actually have PCOS - which we have always disregarded because I have absolutely no symptoms
  6. Snarkygirl - did you have some sort of reaction to the saw palmetto? I have been taking it for a month now and it is definitely not helping. I'm wondering if its making matters worse and I should just stop it?
  7. Hi! I have tried all except evening primrose oil, and have JUST started taking myo-inositol 3 days ago 1500mg. Its only been 3 days but I do not feel any different or notice any different when taking these pills, which seems a little odd to me because it is such a high dose I should be feeling some sort of side effects, or anything really. My naturopath thinks it could be possible that the Inositol will help if I do actually have PCOS, which I have been avoiding for a while because I have none o
  8. This is information that I have heard before and have been terrified to try Maca - however, I now understand that this is incorrect. There are many different strains of Maca. Some that work in Testosterone, some that work in Estrogen ways. In order to use Maca correctly you need to know what your hormone imbalance is, and which strain of Maca to take in order to address that imbalance. I have normal-high Testosterone but along with very low Estrogen, and my naturopath assured me that Maca, when
  9. It means that your Progesterone or Estrogen has dipped too low so that you are not able to produce a period any longer. The same thing happened to be on Spironolactone. I just had my hormone tests done and I am high in Testosterone and VERY low in Estrogen. I would have several months of no periods and then get them again and then not. Another theory is that Testosterone rises itself in order to help pull up your bodies Estrogen if it is low. Which obviously is not working, and was not working i
  10. I am wondering the same thing - I recently received my hormone tests back and I am extremely low in Estrogen and in the mid-high range with Testosterone, and mid-low range for Progesterone. I too think being on Beyaz/Yasmin and Spironolactone for most of my life has exacerbated my already low Estrogen. I am now 25. My naturopath thinks that is what may have happened, that I was always low in Estrogen, and overtime that increased my Testosterone levels, because they will try to increase in order
  11. You do not get a blood test to test hormone levels, you get a saliva test - which is much more accurate. When you get a saliva hormone test through ZRT labs you fill out a questionnaire on your symptoms and you also state exactly where you are in your cycle - the test is then measured to tell you where your hormones stand during that specific time of the month, which in return tells you if you are high or low. I recently received my saliva hormone tests back from ZRT lab. It cost me $100 to get
  12. Hello! I recently received my saliva hormone tests and it showed that I have VERY low Estrogen, and mid-high range of Testosterone. Also my Progesterone is in the average-low range. I would love to get any one else opinion on what I should do to correct this and stop my acne - as this is obviously the cause. I would like to note that I think a lot of people will go straight to PCOS - but I am very thin, I do not have hardly any body hair, I have been checked for ovarian cysts, and I check my b
  13. hi! your results are indeed a bit puzzling.. but there could be several reasons for your low estrogen. I recall you mentioned you at some point were taking DIM, correct? this may have something to do with it, but I'm not too sure. also, we're you already taking vitex when you took this hormone panel? also, It could be that since your hormone panel only measured estradiol, you technically could still have high estrogen (in the form of estrone, which is deemed a "bad" estrogen of of the 3 main typ
  14. Hey! Just wanted to share this information, I figured out why my Spironolactone stopped working - my Estrogen finally dipped way to low that even Birth Control was not enough to get it where it needed to be, and addressing my high Testosterone was not enough anymore. I had my hormones tested (results below) I have been on BC and Spironolactone for 8 months now. With my hormone tests - I am very low in Estradiol and actually average range in Progesterone which I think may be from the Vitex actu
  15. Hey! Thats great to hear that you have something working for you, I feel I will have to do something almost exactly like you. I received my hormone test results back (I have posted them below!) And you are totally right, I am very low in Estradiol and actually average range in Progesterone which I think may be from the Vitex actually (it has been 2 months on it now, somewhere around there). And my Testosterone is high, which I am hoping is being caused by my other hormones being too low to bal