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  1. Well I've been completely clear for about a month, and mostly clear for about 2 months. I havn't updated in awhile, as I havn't felt a need to. I'm on my last month and hope to get it over with quickly. Lately I've been feeling depressed, I have no clue why though. I'm pretty sure it's the accutane. When I'm alone it's like I get anxious and am unable to entertain myself. It's like I'm bored 24/7. I've never felt like this before and it's killing me. Anyways, here are some pics. I don't
  2. Not sure what day of Accutane this is but: Almost 2 months: [edit] This is day 38, a little over a month. heh. Not even close to 2 months.
  3. I've noticed I havn't had any back pains for the past 4-5 days, woohoo. Also, I just realized that I'm probably not flaking because of the Vitamin E that I'm taking. Awesome.
  4. Face is getting better and better each day. Pimples do come up still, they are just alot smaller and go quicker. Worst Side effect: My nose is bleeding but it doesn't drip blood. It oozes in my nose then also dries in my nose so I have a bunch of dried blood in my nose. It feels like I have tons of buggars or something (<--gross I know) and when I pick out the scabs/dried blood it hurts and blood will be all over the tissue that I use to get it out with. After a couple of days of this I sta
  5. Face isn't as clear at the end of the first month as I thought it was going to be.
  6. So I'm washing my hands under warm water and next thing I know BAM! my hands are scolded. Yes, scolded from warm water! I have the nastiest burns on my hands it's horrible. It happened like a week ago and I wish I would have taken pictures because now it's just really red. Before it was cracking pretty bad and it hurt. That's how sensitive Accutane makes your skin, it's crazy. My face has no oil on it at all, my face is getting progressively better and my face isn't flaky at all. My lips are pr
  7. Day 16: Half of a month through. Skin isn't too dry, although I didn't put moisturizer on today and my face started flaking pretty bad. Skin seems to be the same, blackheads aren't out yet but they're comin'.
  8. Thanks for the advice Tom. I don't usually "squeeze" them out per se, they usually are hanging out enough to where I can just lightly scrape them off. Day 15: Face seems to be clearing up a bit. Still got some pimples pushing through but not nearly as many as before. My skin tone is looking a bit better, not tremendously but good enough. My face isn't dry but it isn't oily either. It's just right. Mood: Happy as ever. No signs of depression. Side Effects: Chapped lips, mild back pain when l