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  1. Vegan of three years and I still get cystic breakouts. A plant based diet is great for overall health and well being but for some it is not a solution to acne. This kind of eating cuts out many foods that effect hormones, but some are still sensitive to soy, caffeine, chocolate, others. I find any food like this triggering. And sometimes even on my weeks of cleanest eating I still break out. Shrug
  2. thats crazy I never thought of xanthan gum. how did you come to this conclusion? I eat a some vegan products that would have xanthan gum, and recently even bought it for gluten free baking. I've noticed my acne has been worse lately and I thought it might be almonds (almond milk) but processed almond milks also contain this... hmmmmm
  3. I asked my doctor for more and they said they couldn't do it! I really need to get the 50+ done as well. Going to see someone else.
  4. I've tried to be tested for food allergies and I went through a lot of time and effort to find a place to get an appointment and in the end they only tested me for like 10 foods. I was really annoyed. I also requested to have my hormones tested but my doctor gave me this weird look and was like "oohh well women your NEVER request that." So I really have considered these things, I'm not planning to be on this long term, but it's seriously unbearable for me right now. I've done most of the natura
  5. I've seen some mentions of spironolactone for acne around the boards but I was wondering if anyone here has had any success with this drug for their cystic acne? Some background, spironolactone is used to treat high blood pressure, but it has a lot of success treating acne because it is an anti-androgen, which helps with hormonal acne//people who have excess androgen hormones. I know it can have some side effects if you're not careful but it seems less harmful than typical treatments (accutane
  6. I'm just wondering for those who had food allergy testing; how did you get this test and what did you ask for? I called at least four different allergy specialists in my area and they all told me I could only get a test that does some foods, molds, dusts. I had this test done but the foods on it were very limited! I was annoyed.
  7. I'd like to report that I used to always think coffee caused my cystic acne as well; however, I haven't had coffee in over a month, and no caffeine besides occasional green tea, and I'm still breaking out in cysts on my chin. So yes, caffeine may aggravate acne for some, but if your hormones are screwed up anyway it's not going to change anything to stop drinking it. I dont know why I even bother, blah!
  8. Honestly it depends on many factors, so there is no definitive timeline for how/when/your cyst will go down. I've had many injections and some have gone down super fast, but my most recent one made the cyst go down only a small amount for a few days, then it became more inflammed until I had to let it come to a head. I always scar after injections because I always scar when a cyst goes down. Just wait it out, and if anything use warm compresses and antibiotic ointment.
  9. My entire life revolves around trying to prevent acne and I do all those things, alternativista. Since I do as much as I can I figured maybe its something I can't control at the moment, like my teeth. I have a really soft brush now. My gums are mostly just worn away. Not like red or painful, just mostly.. getting worn down.
  10. I've been using half ACV half green tea as a toner and it seems to help a little... not anything majorly miracle like though. I occasionally go through my phases of drinking it as well but never notice a huge difference.
  11. ClearDreaming, I'm obviously not trying to say this is the sole contributor to acne. Acne is caused by multiple/different factors for everyone. For you (luck you) who has good dental health this is not the case. For me, it could be. Apparently my gums are genetically also very very thin and brushing as worn them away; could this be leading to general inflammation? I'm not sure if this kind of gum degeneration is the same as gum inflammation
  12. I've read in a few places that real calamine lotion is great for shrinking cysts. Has anyone had luck with it? Trying it now, no real results to report yet. If anyone knows of mario badescu's buffering lotion, it's similar to that because they're both liquidy zinc solutions.
  13. I know that people have mentioned the dangers of fluoride here, but has anyone explored the connection with your mouth/dental hygiene and acne? In recently reading about doing certain types of cleanses, the instructions always indicate you should take care of any dental work that you need done beforehand. The reasoning is that the mouth is basically a gateway for things (like bacteria?) entering your body, and not just down your throat but through your gums, saliva, etc. This is how oil pulli
  14. My skin has been BUGGING OUT lately. First of all, out of no where, when I was doing nothing different at all in my regime, I started having cystic breakouts again. I feel like every thing I put on my face is making it worse. What would you guys suggest is the safest moisturizer for my constantly breaking out skin right now...(keep in mind I've tried all these) Cetaphil spf moisturizer aloe vera, jojoba, or both together Lush Enzymion (has cocoa butter....not sure about this...) Lush