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  1. No, the thing with accutane is that it CAN return, but not for everyone. I was clear for a year and a half and now i have very mild acne. So, like any medicine, it's not 100% going to clear you up but your chances are pretty good For drying just moisturuze day and night and be prepared for very chapped lips. I'd reccomend using aquaphor! Oh and i also good bloody noses, sounds gross but many people experience it!
  2. I'm kinda in the same boat as you, I did a full cycle of accutane and stayed perfectly clear for a yer and a half! My acne has now returned, but it's mild. However, I don't think you'll get a scientific answer on these forums. Maybe talk to a derm who knows there stuff. If you want to research accutance a bit you can find some free scientific derm journals online and read up a bit there. There's quite a bit of research being done on accutane, and some of the articles written are worth reading
  3. Hey so I think you should wait and see if the stress dies down and see how your skin is. If it still is breaking out then I would say then you should see a doctor. I kinda know what you're going through, I started my second year uni and I broke out right before my midterms, however my acne never cleared up so I had my derm appointment last week and he prescribed me some gel that will hopefully work.
  4. I would agree! Wash your face in the morning! I was on differin and I applied it before I went to bed and then in the morning I washed it off and applied it again then moisturized. I also used a TINY amount of water based makeup, you need to be careful that the ingredients in your makeup do not react badly to the ingredients with the cream.
  5. I was wondering if anyone on here is or has been on Benzaclin? And if so, what did you think of it? Oh and did you also use it once or twice a day. I have quite mild acne now, but a couple years ago it was moderate/severe and has been slowly clearing. I'm trying to get rid of stubbon zits that keep popping up and hoping this product will help! Thanks!
  6. ok so I was wondering if anyone else has this, or if it's just completely normal and I'm just really out of the loop. My acne isnt too bad, but I am always able to tell where I am going to develop a zits. It will start off as a tiny bump. This bump will not be sore or inflamed, it just looks like a minute bump, only visible if you look up reaaally close. These bumps will sometimes stay there for literally weeks un-inflamed. However, one day it will just turn into a full blown zit! Anyone else ex
  7. Hello, So I've recently done a course of accutane and it cleared my skin for 1.5 years but recently I've been noticing pretty minor breakouts and have been hoping to get them under control. I was wondering if anyone has tried Murad Pure Skin Supplements? I stumbled across them while browsing Sephora and I just wanted to know anyones reactions to them? It seems to have gotten pretty reviews by the users on that website. Thanks xx Oh and if you're curious he it is: http://www.sephora.com/browse/p
  8. hello yes, if it is bothering you then i would definitely reccomend going to your doctor. Like what I did, I went to my regular doctor and due to my previous medical history of having extremely picky skin he referred me to a derm instead of taking a chance and prescribing me with something. They'll probably just talk to you and give a a starting treatment and depending on how you react to that they'll take it from there. Best of luck xx
  9. hey so i experienced chapped lips with my accutane as well, and I never found a product as moisturizing as aquaphor, but that was just from my experience. But what I did that helped lessen the dryness and flakiness of chapped lips was to every night do a VERY gentle exfoliation on my lips before bed and apply a very generous amount of aquaphor when I went to bed. Not just a thin layer but completely coat your lips. It seemed to work. best of luck xx
  10. Hellloo I was on accutance about 2 years ago and I was on 40mg. Im female and approx 130 pounds and it cleared me right up, i took a few months for definate results but it did the trick for me.
  11. 2-3 weeks. Don't expect magic results, trust me. It takes time. My skin took 3-4 months to show signs of definate clearing. Be patient! It'll get there.
  12. I was in a similar boat, I only went on tane cause my skin was non responsive to all the other drugs my derm prescribed for me. My skin was moderate, only broke out on apples on cheeks. Plus, keep in mind everyone responds to tane differently. I did some research before I took it which made me a bit nervous. However, when I started treatment I had VERY mild reactions to it. I'd definitely reccomend you try it, and if you dont like the side effects you can just discontinue it and talk to your der
  13. I was on 40mg of accutane a couple years ago. Prior to accutance my derm prescribed a bunch of different pills and creams that I was non responsive to. Finally as a last resort I was put on Accutane. I had a great experience with Accutane. My only side effects were dry lips and the occasional nose bleed. Also, it healed my skin COMPLETELY. Like no zits whatsoever, I would go for months without a zit and if i got a zit it was no more than 2 at a time. But it's been a year and a half and my acne h