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  1. I also received the bottle. One thing fishy though, i called to order before and they always picked up now when i call it says the number has been disconnected or something. i hope this doesnt fuck my insides up.
  2. Why does the worst breakout of this year has to happen right now?? Seriously, it couldn't around the beginning of the year? It has to happen now?? Sometimes I wonder....
  3. Yeah I've got some of those. I really don't know how to prevent them but i guess applying some BP gel wont hurt.
  4. Batches 9007 and 9028, I believe. Thanks a lot i just found out that i have the 9028 batch and i haven't used it yet! So i think its safe to say that i can throw that one out? Will i be getting a new one?
  5. Whoa I haven't been here in a long time and this is what i get? So there was a problem with one of the batches? I actually have a BP gel here that i ordered months ago and it expires 01/11. How can i find out if this is the batch that got messed up? Please i need to know ASAP.
  6. So i've decided to go back and use the bp gel what im wondering is if it's going to make me breakout and will it make my face red and flaky?
  7. Well I'm on my third week using Dans AHA as the only product along with jojoba oil. I'm definitely breaking out more which I hope its the purging.
  8. Thanks for replying how about my other question about adding Jojoba oil before AHA?
  9. Another thing, is it ok to put jojoba oil on my face and then add AHA to it? Would this decrease the effect of the AHA?
  10. Yeah I've been using it on my back. It looks a lot better. I've had a lil breakout on my chin and some small whiteheads around my face. This is my 2nd week on it, i guess i should give it more time.
  11. I've been using Dan's AHA as a spot treatment for about a week now but I also spread it all over my face since it's the only thing I'm using. The first 2 days I noticed a sting right as soon as a i applied the AHA but not anymore. I've had a break out but I'm not sure if its the AHA or something else.
  12. When i was 16 I actually went to see a dermatologist and he told me to take doxycycline which worked for a while then it just stopped working. I'm actually thinking about giving it another shot but i don't know..
  13. I really don't have a clue anymore. I've tried proactive,dans regimen, washing my face with just water,nizoral shampoo,jojoba oil,b5,tried eating healthy,apple cider vinegar, gallon of water per day,vilantae,all kinds of cleansers and now I'm trying an acne herb. Feels like a war that will never end. I have mild acne small whiteheads that just pop up anywhere in my face. I think i would feel a lot better if i actually knew what causes my breakouts. Can it just be a genetics? I just want an answe
  14. I think limiting the amount of products that you've been using could of had something to do with it. I noticed when i stopped washing my face with a cleanser and stop using BP i don't break out.