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  1. 25th July 2011 Hola people! It's been a while huh? Well I've slacked off in almost all aspects. Irregular picture taking, irregular almost everything. I still take supplements, have coconut oil and drink pau d'arco tea. It's not gone, by the way, not entirely. I'd say it's at a decent level though. Is my acne bad? Not really. Basically, exercise works out okay for me, but as I see it, I need a certain amount of exercise to counter a certain amount of 'bad' foods in my system. Therefore, if
  2. I'd upvote you if there were such a system, but take a bump instead. A very thoughtful and detailed post without scaring people with a data overload. Good work.
  3. 01st July 2011 Hey what's up? Just thought I'd stop by and give you an update on the situation. My coconut oil arrives yesterday (I finally went through a different company and got it within two days) and am back on that. My time off it shows I don't need it to be spot light, but I think it helps with the digestion, so it's all good. What kind of shit have I been eating? Well, brothers and sisters, I've been able to up my diet to way better levels. The other day I had a chicken, leek and ham p
  4. Do you find these peels work? I'm hesitant to say you shouldn't because I really don't know, but I'll say that I wouldn't. That said, I know desperation can lead you to do all kinds of things (it did for me). I say get out there and work yourself until you're sweating your ass off. At the very least you should be out of breath. If you can't work out that hard, join a club or something. Assimilation into a group will make you work out harder. I know you know this, and I know these diets can be
  5. Yo, what up? Anyway, after that wonderful introduction, let me say, firstly, welcome to the dietary logs section and, secondly, I wish you all the best. I started on a strict as bitches diet (check out my log, it's on here too, might help), and I think I kept it up without breaks for... between six and eight weeks. Did it do me good? Yes sir, it did. I still got some acne, but the diet seemed to get me reduced by about 75 - 80% based on the pictures I have from the worst times. I got really
  6. You may all have read it, but I found it to be rather interesting. BBC article on diabetes / diet connection I have often considered that us eating too much may be one of the factors with acne.
  7. 22nd June 2011 Hola. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned this, I just didn't have a great deal to say. Today, I do have a story that I think people will find interesting. Firstly, I have been without coconut oil for three weeks or so due to this damned company screwing up repeatedly. I'm half tempted to cancel and go with someone else... but the point is that I haven't been using it. I have been back on the zinc, though (25mg/day). So, I was doing some exercise daily and my skin was okay. That
  8. 13th June 2011 As expected, some nice new pimples today. Well actually I took pictures and they sort of developed over the weekend. It's crazy how quickly your body turns on you eh? Today I kept wiping my nose where my new spots are. It felt like there was something to wipe off - most likely excess sebum. Which is weird of course because I've more often complained of dry skin. So yeah, a few new pimples, a couple of small pustules. A definite breakout. And my only crime was to eat some coconu
  9. 12th June 2011 A weekend largely without exercise and largely with overeating (even if the food was mostly in the 'good' camp). Spells doom for my acne. I don't know why I just can't control myself. I honestly think this is how an alcoholic feels (except obviously with alcohol and not every single nice thing ever).
  10. 11th June 2011 Bad day today folks. No, not really any particular breakouts, although that big spot came through (as expected). No, it was bad because I ate way too much. I feel full even now and I'm going to bed in about 20 minutes. If the pattern is followed, I should have one or two whiteheads tomorrow. Damn you coconut oil! Where are you?
  11. 10th June 2011 Oh my god I'm back again! Na na na na (if you recognise those lyrics, shame on you). I went in to the office today. For those who don't know, I work ('work') at home and go into the office every couple of weeks or so. On that day it's hardest to a) take a picture, b) keep my usual diet and c) exercise after meals. I guess the diet actually is the best of the three. When I was at work I looked in the mirror. I'm not sure I liked what I saw. It's not heavy, but there seems to be
  12. I haven't been on the dreaded 'tane, but I'd like to echo what others have said. It seems like a drastic resort, which is fine I suppose, so long as you've given everything else a good try first.
  13. 09th June 2011 Welcome back y'all. Acne is okay. I forgot to take my daily picture (again), but I think this may be a good sign. I mean, do I really need to take one every day? I don't think so. I think once a week will be fine, but for now I'll stick with 'as often as I remember'. When I say 'acne is okay', there's a bit of a nasty red pimple right in the middle of my left cheek, about an inch below my eye. Aside that it's small pimples. I've not been able to have my usual coconut oil eith
  14. 07th June 2011 Well howdy folks. I guess I didn't post for the last few days as a conscious effort. I guess I listened to Mei-Ling who said her posting every day didn't really yield anything new, and I figured that also applied to me. Still, here we are, and how are we? Or rather, how am I? Not bad. A low level is being maintained with the breakouts being more varied, as mentioned previously. It seems to get worse if I get lazy with my exercise or eat too much food (eating after 8:00pm also s
  15. Nice pictures - if you don't have a man, you'll soon be getting snapped up. I'm very happy for you that you've sorted out your issues. Many congratulations. I'm still working on mine... bah... but I'm pleased for you. Go forth and live the life that was meant for you!