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  1. thank you, so i guess just moisturize the hell out of it when it does have dying skin
  2. thanks for the reply i peeled the skin off, and i did pop it and alittle white pus i suppose came out i work in a kitchen its hot/cold, greasy etc. also maybe biting nails, drinking from a dirty glass would cause it and retin a and sun exposure any more help is appreciated
  3. ok so i usually get this in that area and on the other side, it starts out as a hard spot then inflames alittle and becomes hard after awhile i see a whitehead and pop it then the skin sheds/peels and looks like this, not sure if its acne or worst case herpes
  4. i do bite my nails sometimes, and lick my lips so ill try to stop, but my nails and tongue im pretty sure never touch the spot where my acne is, but who knows thank you
  5. If it stopped around these areas my skin would love wonderful, i work a kitchen, il get pimples in the corner of lips but thats rare but when it does happen its bad looking real bad, in the pic i have pimples under corner of mouth, theres some on the other side too, on retin a and clindamycin, on about 2 months of retin-a, its up and down right now. just looking for opinions on it, anything will help thank you.
  6. Hey hows it goin everyone, first time poster, Just want to get ppls take on this, so in HS i had acne, forehead and around mouth, then i graduated and took some time off used minoclynie and some other perscribs. then i started culinary school till about june 2008- to 2009 of june i was pretty clear until i started getting in to a kitchen, hot/cold/grease etc. now i have a job in a high volume kitchen, and it seems everyday i have some type of acne, im on clyndamcine and retin a, has anyone wor