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  1. I am also a little worried about my current state. Like, literally. I'm in Utah now and my lips are always dry regardless. The humidity here is a pretty constant ZERO. Hopefully if I go on Accutane I'll be in a less dry place like Michigan.
  2. Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback. Good luck to everyone with whatever they're currently doing.
  3. I'm not currently on Accutane but I've been considering it. First I'll need to graduate from school and get a decent job with good health insurance. Then I'll decide. My question is this though... I've heard that the side effects of Accutane are magnified when you are older. I'm 30 and am wondering about this possibility. I'm not ancient or anything, but I've heard it's more helpful/less damaging for adolescents and that there are more dangers for people signifacantly past their teen years.