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  1. Well im 17 now, and obviously at this age certain events are bound to take place sooner or later, it'd be horrible for me to have sex and then as she feels my back she'll be like eww spots everywhere or if she runs her fingers over my chest and is like ew pimples. has anyone here been in a serious relationship with anyone or had sex or other intimate occasions with body acne. It must be hard and very cumbersome and i just spiral into depression even thinkign about it. On the plus side its gone
  2. Well recently my acnes gone from mild to severe which is a drastic change which i cannot cope with im constantly under stress but even when there was alot of stress i still seemed to be SANE. myacnes pushed me over the edge basically and i find that sometimes before school looking in the mirror looking like crap but still knowing im obliged to go to school i get unbelievably aggrovated for like 5 seconds then i go into this state where i feel completley detatched from reality and as if im not r
  3. thanks alot for the help guys ill try your ideas they sound like they could work although id like to use dans cleanser i guess i could buy my ownand yeah im buying the severe kit, also i might try to get it on the nhs if i can good idea thanks alot guys =)
  4. hey after trying this for a week and using a balanced diet (thought it might help) (fruit n veg in the mornings pasta for lunch and watever mum cooks for dinner /lots of water) after a week i found my skin looked healthier im still breaking out but my scars are slowly going down but it might also be due t cod liver oil ive been takign too i reccomend amino acids
  5. i found that if i followed Dan's regime replacing BP with duac gel as perscribed by my GP and skipping the moisurizer part and only showering once nightly my body acne has cleared up greatly. I have severe body acne with cysts everywhere ive got literally 50+ on my back and front and neck. after only 3 days of the regime my chest ones are alot smaller papules then they used to be and some old red marks have already faded so my chest is almmost clear my shoulders remain bad but the whole of my
  6. so far ppl on the regimen said they were completley cured after 6 months of the regimen i have sevre acne on my body and so this bumps the price up of the supplies i will use according to my calculations ill have to spend $1225.74 on all supplies to last me for 6 months which in my terms is £775.312 not even including shipping. did anyone else have this money problem? any help would be much obliged =/ thnx guys
  7. wow i love reading about people success stories im really happy for you =) now that your kind of 'experienced' in spot killing do you think if you have the time you could read my acne.org blog thingy and see if im doing the right thing its like a different version of dans regimen i found on the site to help with red marks any help would be much obliged =) thanks lucy
  8. How would using this fit into a regime? atm im doing everything according to the regimen where does this fit in? is it like a replacement for bp?
  9. Just thinking out loud here would amino acids help dark/red marks? Amino acids are what protein makes and is broken down my protease acids in the body. Amino acids re used to recreate and help repair the body. Seeing as hyperpigmentation is a form of dis-repair in the body would amino acids help in getting them cleared up?
  10. Hey if you want to find out how to stop breakouts i found this really good site that told me how to stop them search theanoonymusguru into google or something or check out my blog its to do with a whole variety of things and to stop my breakouts ive just followed the rules set by theanonymus guru, occasionally when i get lazy and say eat a bit too much junk foood i get a spot or two but i found it really helped with breakouts i just have red/dark marks and a few spots to take care of now =) GOO
  11. Dubeus

    Hatching the plan

    Ok guys time to make the plan =), So far this is what ive got: red/dark marks present acne / severe body acne the startings of ice pick scarring OK my plan is to... 1)Dan's regimen for a week in which ill keep you up to date 2)After a week if all is going well i will start Delna's routine i found on the boards (http://www.acne.org/messageboard/OMG-GUYS-THIS-t35135.html) 3)If both fail completley I think I'l
  12. Hey there nice to meetcha, Im really just making this blog so you guys can see what progress I'm making and what im trying out in the hopes it could help you too. Im 16 going on 17 in January From England Male Ive had acne since i was like 13 i'd say and at the moment im on prescription medicine from my GP. Now i know some people are anti- holistic care but let me say this, I used to get cysts and whiteheads everywhere waking up with at least 5 or 6 at times. After finding out about t