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  1. 32 year old male who just popped the first pill tonite. A bit scared but I have complete faith this battle with my forehead acne will be gone in 5 months. Starting on 20mg becuase all I have are a few red bumps on my forehead and nowhere else so my doctor things this 20mg for a few months will do the trick.... I hope this works because I have spent thousands of dollars on red/blue light therapy/ minocycline/solodyn/isolaz/peel/retin a/azelax/sulfur agents/ etc etc....... At 32 years old I should
  2. let me know how you do... I start mine on friday....
  3. 30 year old male in great shape and I have always had acne just on my forehead and I want it gone. I have tried Doxy, Retin A, Plexion, Blue/Red light therapy/, Isolaz... etc... I have tried it all. I only have a few deep postules on my forehead and I'm thinking because of my age, 4 months on accutane should heal me for good. I have an overall good complexion but i'm tired of seeing 1,2,3 hard type marble feeling zits on my forehead..... I would like someone's take on this and what to expect fro
  4. I've tried everything under the sun and nothing seems to work. I only get a few cysts deep on my forehead and I'm tired of them. I've been on doxy for 2 months which has seemed to work a bit but I wantt mine gone.. Any advice for me about my current situation and what to expect when I start accutane? thanks,
  5. I'm 30 years old and I have tried everything under the sun. Blue/red light therapy. Doxycycline, retin A, differin, plexion, chemical peels.. You name it. I just have a problem with small pimples on my nose and just my forehead. The ones on my foreheard are not white puss filled pimples but red bumps under the skin. I have been suffering from this since the age of 14 and my derm mentioned to me that accutane would probably cure me for good being that my acne is not that bad.... Would you suggest