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  1. So do you think the black soap helped as well?!. Did you get it from just a regular beauty supply store? I'm from the UK I have a feeling I've seen this soap sold in the shops for hair products for kinky/curly hair. I think Im gona try it. I'm guessing you might just have 'oily' skin because you dont seem to have Hyper pigmentation. I have oily and sensitive skin which is a headache because any kinda 'trauma' to my skin causes a dark mark and takes ages to go without me even touching it. than
  2. my marks ie brown marks are on the surface of my skin they do fade but because my acne is not under proper control the marks keep coming back,its acne on top of acne on top of acne!!!! and thats why my marks feel like they have been there for years. hmmmm a dermo did mention an acid peel. But I still get acne..so theres no point. I think its best for people who have cleared there acne for good like plp who have taken accutane and want to get rid of there scars. Only when my acne is like 'don
  3. thank you for posting a comment! I know acne marks defo leave history! you know what the marks indents, pock mars really dont bother me!!! I know id have to get plastic surgery to get rid of that. But the dis colourartion is what really bothers me the most...because pock marks etc dont mess up your skin tone but having brown dark marks does! I have been using Isotrexin gel erythromycin 2% and isotretinoin 0.05% for 6 months. Its probably the only thing that controls my acne and fades my brown s
  4. OMG !!!!WOOOW! thats a huge improvement!!! and you dont have like any scarring!!! This is what I find is the issue with acne in darker skin. We tend get hyperpigmentation after the acne is gone but you are soo clear! and thats what my issue has been. Once the acne is gone all the brown spots are left behind. Im using retin-a 0.05 % but it doesnt do much in terms of controlling the acne like BP did but I stoped bp because I had my acne under control but had bad hyper pigmentation. But I was using
  5. I tried the lemon method on my skin for a week and my skin didnt like it....it played havoc on my skin! Im not sure if it was how I did it........... but I would use the juice of the lemon onto cotton wool and wipe it over the effected areas at night. I did it for a week and my acne became very cycstic!!! I You mentioned accutane.....I keep thinking and thinking about going on it. My doctor said my acne is not that bad it has to be severe cyctsic acne. But my acne is moderate and I use
  6. My experience with acne is similar. I have moderate acne and the PIH is more of an issue for me then the acne itself! and my skin is sensitive. Ive spent years using topical BP and other topical creams/gels and taking antibiotics. I used bp in various strengths 2% to 5% and 10% ansd although it controlled my acne it made my PIH very dark in contrast to my skin colour. But when my doctor precribed me Isotrexin gel which is 2% erythromycin /istretinoin 0.05% my skin improved dramtically in
  7. Iam thinking about going back to using BP again. I used it for maybe 2 years in all the strengths but I found that although it controlled my acne it increased my hyperpigmentation because I have medium brown skin complexion.. I dont know if its because I used bp the wrong way and went from 2% to 5% to 10% which dried my skin out like crazy and caused irritation and resulted in hyperpigmentation. Therefore I stopped using it and I have been using Retin-a ever since for about 1 year. Retin
  8. I got an area of discoloration more on this side from 10% BP....BP isnt great for dark skin even though it controls acne
  9. Ive been using isotrexin gel for my acne since July 2012....about 6 months.....its the longest Ive been using it for. I use it nearly everyday at night time before I sleep The pock marks, ice pick marks dont bother me. surprisingly..I can accept them that they will be there forever unless I want invasive surery but its the hyperpigmentation ( brown/black marks)that bothers me allot...I hate having to wear foundation to cover the discolouration but isotrexin gel 0.05%/ Erythromycin 2% has be
  10. I have dark skin, I was amazed at first started using BP...it controls inflammation very well...I used at night on my skin from around 2007- March 2011 and then stoped.....I noticed that my scaring was getting lighter and fading after...I think BP is really good for controlling spots and keeping flamed spots down...but in my opinion it seriously is not very good for people with dark skin....it makes the marks 10 times worse...my scars was like 5-6 shades darker then my skin tone.......persona
  11. sounds just like me......i have a massive sweet tooth and i drink coke....orange/apple etc juice when i should be drinking water! after having a massive breakout i relaized i need to detox and drink water everyday..im a dancer so im getting exercise....but im gona try hard to drink water and cut out sugar
  12. To be honest I dont agree with the comment above I dont even think your acne is that bad...I ....but im being honest..its not that bad.regardless of your looks....Mines is allot worse! but because I have darker skin...my acne is more to do with post acne -scarring and hyperpigmentation.....That has been my probelm because I dont really have indentation but its brown spots....... I understand how like depressing it can be....and you feel like everyone is looking at your face..it doesnt help your
  13. hey i understand how u feel angry when people look at your acne! i replied to your blog :)

  14. Hey doll i totally understand your frustration!!!! Im the same.....but i would never go out the house without foundation on..id rather someone said i have too much makeup on then 'jeez your spots look bad'..when i wear foundation my acne doesnt vanish.....you can still see it but its ALLOT less visable...but my acne is more about the scars...and its weird but I find people from my own ethic background are the ones to judge me on my skin.......Ive never had someone who is causian say ANYTHING abo