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  1. I went to see a lymphodema specialist and apparently my current infection (rosacea) is making my face puffy and I;ve been told to do lymph massages twice a day and sleep with as many pillows as I can.
  2. The worst thing about my swelling is the 'lines' I have beneath my eyes, they are so prominent in daylight that I can't stand it. I will say that the clarithromycin has improved it but it has not gone altogether, I've been taking clarithromycin for nearly 4 months now and I think I may have hit a 'plateau' in that it's not really getting any better than it currently is (It's been the same for about a month now). I'm going to see a lymphodema specialist in a couple of weeks so hopefully they c
  3. The clarithromycin is really working! Not eating dairy is also helping a lot. My skin is getting really scabby though, as if there is pus-y discharge on my nose and around it, I don't know why this is, could it be my skin trying to repair itself?
  4. Thanks for the posts. I've been told to carry on with the Clarithromycin as it is a little bit better. The thing is, some days it looks like it's getting better and then other days it's terrible (like today) it's so inconsistent! I think it may be to do with my salt intake. When I eat lots of salty foods e.g. bread or pizza the next day my face is bad. What can I do about this? I hope I don't have to avoid salt for the rest of my life! I've also been referred to a Lymphodema specialist, which
  5. The clarithromycin seems to be working, my face isn't as bad but it's still 'bad' in my opinion. I'm seeing the dermatologist again tomorrow and I'm going to ask if he can remove the cysts.
  6. Is Zinc safe to take? If I take the Turmeric, how long until I should see an improvement?
  7. I only took the turmeric for 3 days with no results. Should I continue taking it along with the Clarithromycin? My face doesn't hurt and it's not sore. My face feels really dry now, and I've got itchy yellow scabs on my nose, I don't know what it's from. I haven't been picking but when the scabs come off, my skin has a plasma-kind of discharge which is creating these yellowy scabs, maybe it just needs time to heal? I'm going to make a post on rosaceagroup.org as other people have similar symp
  8. I'm very depressed and never want to go outside, I've just got a sick note off my gp for ESA as I cannot search for a job and turn up for interviews etc. No other symptoms really apart from lethargy but I think this may be due to me having low iron. Now that I've been put on clarithromycin I'll have to wait 5-6 weeks to see if there is an improvement. My gp said he wouldn't give me steroids because he doesn't think they'll help and that it could make my swelling worse.
  9. Thanks, I may try it out. I went to see a new derm on Wednesday and he 'diagnosed' my problem as a form of rosacea acne. I have been prescribed 500mg 2 a day of Clarithromycin and I was told I should see an improvement within 4-6 weeks. Fingers crossed!
  10. The thing is, it only went puffy after I squeezed the cyst on my nose and it's just slowly gotten worse, I also went on 2 courses of anti-histamines and nothing happened. I just got turmeric tablets delivered today so hopefully they work, and I'm seeing a new derm in 2 days.
  11. I just bought some now, I couldn't find any so had to buy some online, I hope they work but I'd like to know what's wrong with me too.
  12. Update - I have been drinking around 3-4 litres of water for the last 4 days and there is a definite improvement in the swelling (although I still don't look good or normal). My doctor wouldn't give me steroids as he wants to try and find out what it is first. I have to wait 2 weeks to see the new derm so I'll make a folder and write everything down (when it happened, what I've tried, what I think it could be etc) Does anyone have any idea why it goes better when I drink lots of water?
  13. Is prednisone a steroid? I was going to ask my doctor if I could take some steroids to see if the swelling goes down but I'm sure he won't let me have them. I have reduced my salt intake and I drink lots of water, 3L + daily but all it does is keep my face the same, if I don't drink more than 2litres my face goes bad. I can't even look at myself in the mirror. i have been outside once in the past 2 weeks. I am on jobseekers (unemployed) and I had to sign off because I didn't make an appoin