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  1. hi daniel.... i came across ur post ...and i happen to be on almost the same regimen that u have decided to start...i started today actually.. (with the sulfacetamide sodium topical suspension) but have been washing my face with the cetaphil for about a month-love how gentle it is and its smells nice too... The only difference is that ive started to take a lot of vitamins.. such as zinc, vitamin a, b, c, d, & e.... (lol wow... didnt realize i was taking that many,,,) ohh and i take a mul
  2. ok... so after years of reading people's blogs and stories on this forum (due to my own acne issues) I have decided to make an account and talk about what i am going to start using to treat my acne, since none of the OTC methods have seemed to work for me. I kinda have self diagnosed myself with hormonal acne, only because of the process of elimination with all the treatments that ive tried. I have super oily skin and always have a breakout on my face no matter what time of the month. They are a