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  1. ramb0t, how much do you take? I've ordered 200g, and was thinking about taking 5g a day for a month, then cutting down to 2.5g, as my acne is not too severe. Also where did you get it from. Many thanx, James.
  2. Yeah, it takes me ages! I've watched Dan's video, and he does it in about a minute, it takes me more like 5. I don't think you have to rub every last bit in, but if you don't rub most in it bleaches cloths it touches, or rubs off on your pillow.
  3. I have been reading up quite a lot about B5, and it does seem quite promising. Have you ever tried it as an acne preventer? I also just got prescribed the topical form of accutane, I think this is Retin A? Have you ever tried this? The regimen seems to be working less well as I think me spots are getting quite large now. Many thanks, James.
  4. I know those are words, but they just aren't making any sense to me.
  5. I think Dan says that this is actually optional, but since it takes literally 1 second....
  6. Your right, good skin is much more important. I just tend to be slack when I'm going clubbing, and give in to a little bit of wax, so thought I should get something which was the least bad!
  7. I think gels/waxes are the cause of my scalp acne, and maybe some of my face too. However, my hair looks awful without something styling it, so is there some product that I can use that is unlikely to break me out? Thanks, James.
  8. Thank for replying all. I have been off accutane for 16 months now, so it would seem strange if it is really coming back now. However, I think my oil is coming back more and more still. It's odd, about 4-5 months after quitting (like you said Dan) I started getting a few spots return, but only small ones. But the oil production has steadily increased, moving down my face. I mean, I started getting more oily on my forehead, and now I'm more oily on my cheeks too. I think I'm starting to get m
  9. Thanks very much for replies guys. The wierd thing is, when I started the regimen like 6 months ago, I used dove, and it seemed ok. Then I switched to clearsil lotion, and now when I have come back to dove it seems to be causing problems. I'll get some simple!
  10. I have been stressed recently, but for quite a while so I don't know why the acne only just started. Does accutane only work for a certain amount of time?
  11. What is everyones opinion of Dove soap? I'm wondering if dove is causing my breakouts. I use the sensitive type, but maybe I should be using a different cleanser?
  12. Ok, I've been on the regimen for 7 months now, and it's kept me nearly 100% clear. It's been great. Now all of a sudden I'm starting to break out on my cheeks, quite big red spots. The spots are almost as bad as I used to have before I took accutane, and my skin is getting soooo oily. I'm getting scared that my acne is going to return to its former awful state. Maybe I should quit the regimen, let it get bad and try and get accutane again? James.
  13. There is actually a specific answer to this, I've read it on the net somewhere. Doctgors actually have a certain number of spots to equal a certain category, although there definaition of how bad those spots are has to be fairly opionated. I'll have a look for where I read it. James.