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  1. Hey everyone. Well.... I MADE IT! I did not die on my accutane journey like all my friends and family said I would! Haha! This is my last month of treatment. I have seen an intense improvment in my skin. I rarely wake up with a new pimple on my face. My back and chest are completely clear. My face and hair is not oily any longer. i do have spots on my face still that are scars. I wish I could get a chemical peel soon but my dermatologist said no because it would leave scars. too bad for this su
  2. I am not sure if it is linked to the accutane or what? It seems like I take everything people say the wrong way. If my boyfriend says something and I take it wrong I just literally start crying and it is so embarassing. One minute I am happy and the next I am sad. I really don't think Im actually depressed. I dont feel like sad about life or whatever. I actually have a great life, very busy, but great. It is just that I take things the wrong way. I guess you could say I am more sensitive but mos
  3. Ok well if that is what the norm is then I will do that. I just didn't want to be going through all of this for absolutely nothing. Thanks for your imput!
  4. This month they bumped up my dosage to 60 mg a day. I still take my 40 mg at night and then i take a 20 mg pill in the morning. I switch doctors because my usual doctor moved. He said they odnt keep patients on accutane longer than 5 months. My other doctor said id be on it for atleast 8 depending on how my skin is doing. I am a little concerned that if IM only on it for 5 months that the acne will come back after I quit. SO any ideas? Let me know!
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  6. It has been a while since I have updated. I have been working alot over Christmas break. I start back to school on Tuesday so it will be fun to see how the stress affects my skin. haha Well let me tell you about my skin at the moment. The acne. It is getting fewer and fewer everyday. Most days I don't wake up with any new pimples. The medicine is just fighting the old ones I guess. My biggest concern at the moment is that most of the spots on my face are old pimples that have been there for mont
  7. Well unfortunately Claravis doesn't seem to be fighting mother nature. Being a female suck! My face is very broke out again. Of course, I have finals tomorrow so all the stress can't be helping either. Now it is EXTREMELY dry! And it seems like my allergies are flaring more. I have to blow my nose like 20 times a day. That is making my nose very raw. Also my head has been very itchy, but no flakes so far. I guess we will see what happens. Before I started Claravis I had to use those oil blotter
  8. It is not my imagination. My mom and even people at work have said that my face looks clearer. I hope it keeps working! It makes me so happy to think that this could really work, and I will finally have perfect skin! My face is a little drier today, especially my nose where I have been blowing it constantly. I have also not been able to concentrate. It is the last week of classes before finals and I should be cramming and doing my last minute projects but I just can't seem to find the motivatio
  9. Hey everyone! Happy Day 14! I hope this isn't just me imagining things, but my face seems a little clearer today (knock on wood *knock knock*). It didn't seem like there were as many new pimples today and a few of them were shrunk or completely gone. I am not under the impression that the initial breakout is over, though. I don't want to get my hopes up. I bought some of the equate version of olay's uv complete moisturizer and it seems to be working great. Also, Aquaphor is magic in a tube. I b
  10. Well I figured it couldn't get any worse. I was so wrong. My face is not only broken out completely, but on the very rare spots that don't have a zit, the skin is red and kind of... shriveled looking? I am not sure how to explain it. I have noticed also that my face is even more oily? I am not sure if that is normal or not. My face isn't all that dry yet. The only problems I am having with dryness is my lips are very very chapped but I am using the aquaphor my dermatologist gave me to keep moist
  11. Hello. I am new to the site and new to Claravis which is the generic for Accutane. I am a 19 year old female with severe, cystic acne. I have had acne since the 6th grade and am now a sophomore in college. I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist because my family doctor seemed like she couldn't care less. I tried everything you can think of: birth control pills, tetracyclin, retin-a, proactiv, every type of spot treatment, acne kit, and face wash known to man. Nothing worked at all. As