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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALLL! I am so depressed this black soap stuff made my face way worst then it was. How could this happen to me. I dont know what to do. I wanted to have a clearer face. I start college next week and everyone is probably going to wanna run from me. The next thing is that tomorrow I have to take my student id picture its going to be awful. Help me ! please someone Help. Does anyone have an idea everything I try doesnt work!!!! Please give me your suggestion, Thank you in
  2. Hi All I m a 22 yr old female, living in Canada. As a teenager I had very severe acne like many of u I tried everything in the book. I have fair skin so when I get scars you see them and whem my pimples are red you see them from far so embarassing. Anyway her I am still have acne but not as bad thank goodness. Well I'm starting this blog because I'm trying something new again. Its raw afican black soap(brownish color), raw shea butter, and jojoba oil When I went out to buy these I w
  3. okay since I tried so many things why not try this crazy one. What is the mixture? How often do you use it? And does it have to be be miracle whip? Also how long before you see any changes?
  4. No it wont cause scarring or scratches. I have tried it for a month and it made my face worse. But others say it works great so I guess it depends on your skin type
  5. When I first started using proactiv it worked well. After using it for like a year I was statified with my skin but when I started getting back bumps the proactiv no longer worked. I dont know if it was because my skin was use to it but it no longer did its job. And as previous person said it depends on skin type
  6. Hi all I have read all your feed back and I think I'm going to try the original black soap with the raw shea butter. Just before I do make any orders I wanna know a few things. 1. How long does it take before you see a change? 2. Do you have to use other skin care products besides the soap and butter? 3. Can this also help mild acne on your back? Also if there is any other pointers you can give me I will greatly appreciate it , thank you in advance.