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  1. hi everyone. i am a girl, 20 y/o, and now suffering because of polycystic ovaries. it was diagnosed 2years ago and not treated until now. before, the doctor said that i just have to take contraceptive pills to cure my pcos. but my mom actually don't let me take the pills bcause she's having her doubts on me. because she said that i have a boyfriend and she's been thinking that i might use the pills to prevent a pregnancy. ( and it actually hurts me a lot. last year, without my parents consent.
  2. ashash05

    -its good for our health -energizer -the taste -it made my skin OILY like hell -breakouts are there -it can't help your acne at all i am 20 and i have PCOS. i felt so bad after using this LIPTON TEA. i started drinking it last Sunday after reading GOOD reviews about green tea. they said that it has fast result and it will help you with your acne. at first it was okay and very refreshing. but an hour after, i noticed that my face is starting to beco
  3. but i think there's no like that here in the philippines? i tried before diane35, but its too expensive im a nursing student, so my face is really important :'( im so stressed how to fix my problem
  4. hi everyone, i am new her, and i decided to open a topic about my condition, i have polycystic ovaries, and it cause me having a severe pimples! i tried many facial wash before, but it all useless! my derma, says that even thou i go to the best facial experts, and not to treat the cyst, it will be useless, so she advice me to use a pills that can treat my cyst.. now i am taking althea pills and vitamin e. plus starting using a tretinoin Retin-a.. and a kojic bar soap as my facial wash! do you th