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  1. My diet? Honestly, it's all over the place. During the week I eat a lot of bananas and apples, baby carrots, plain Greek yogurt, black bean burgers, protein shakes, oatmeal with almond milk, and a few other things. I drink quite a bit of water as well. I should definitely eat better and take in more calories -- on average, I consume between 1000 and 1400 calories a day (I'm 6'2", 210lbs.)
  2. Back in the fall-winter of 2010, after years of clear skin, my complexion underwent some inexplicable--and distressing--changes. I began breaking out on my chin, though at first the blemishes were for the most part insignificant. I had grown a substantial beard just prior to the development of this problem, but decided to trim it down, fearing that my long whiskers were somehow to blame for my chin acne. Not only did this fail to yield the results I had hoped for, matters actually got worse. F