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  1. Out of curiosity—why?
  2. At 14, I'd only consider it if scarring were a very real possibility. But it's up to you, really. Just be wary. Especially of doctors.
  3. Interesting. I have chronic kidney failure, which is often associated with loss of proteins through urine. A Google search for NGAL yields mainly kidney-failure related sites, and it seems that amount of NGAL in the blood and urine is indicative of renal failure. I wasn't able to determine this for certain, but I'm guessing that a lot, or more than usual, of NGAL in the urine is indicative of renal damage, and this would mean less NGAL in the bloodstream. I wouldn't be surprised if I were an ex
  4. Anyway... No, it won't make you happy. Within a few months, if the treatment is successful, you'll probably find new things to make you unhappy. I hope you never end up with scarring, but there's something to be said for it. I have a surgical scar from a surgery that, after all was said and done, opened up a whole now boulevard of possibilities in life. When I see the scar, which is quite often, I'm reminded to make the best of things, and to be happy that it happened—and is hopefully all ov
  5. It may very well be the case that blue light has an effect on the skin as well. In fact, it seems more reasonable to assume that it does rather than does not. But... as databased has reiterated again, and again, and again, he was not necessarily getting direct sun exposure when he was doing these tests. His eyes were open to the sky in order to "collect" the light, but he often just sat in the shade. He still noticed results, especially as related to digestion and carb malabsorption.
  6. Lookin' lovely. And if you don't have to megadose to get results, all the better. I will say that I've taken months on end of 100mg of zinc with no negative effects before, but I would never call it the intelligent choice. Come to think of it, that's quite an inexpensive regimen you've got there, too. Well played.
  7. I understand. For me, it's a bit of a different story. I perform better in classes when I'm more active socially/physically overall. I'm better off spending twelve hours every day in class, with friends, or running errands and spending two hours doing homework than I am cooping myself up and giving myself all day to do classwork. I'll do better work in that two hours. And heck, it's infinitely more fulfilling, too. And acne doesn't turn me into an especially active, outgoing person. So I
  8. Glad to see it's working for ya. I must admit, I am surprised that you're seeing results with such low supplementation. I am inclined, from my experiences, to believe that the zinc is helping a good deal. I have never taken any Vitamin A supplement aside from beta carotene, however, so I may be selling that short. I hope it keeps doing what it's doing.
  9. I can't say I agree with y'all. When I'm under the weather skin-wise, it really does make me feel better to be able to blend into the mass of humanity that surrounds me with a gray hoodie and some loose jeans.
  10. If someone could truly answer this question, this forum wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is.
  11. There are plenty of people with non-oily skin and acne. No use trying to convince yourself otherwise.
  12. x2 The first time—and only the first time—I took 200-400mcg of chromium, I felt unnaturally tired quickly afterward. That was the extent of its effect.