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  1. Thank you!!! :"D My dematoligist also told me that I had the worse case of acne she had ever seen. I had this melancholic pride myself. Thank you for the tips, this dermaroller has sparked me some interest.
  2. I don't understand how you cannot bleed when using 2.0mm, unless you're not sticking the needles all the way. I've got a lot of experience with needling and I can you when you do it correctly you will always see some bleeding when using needles 1.0mm or longer. It's really not about rolling/stamping hard. Just stretch the skin to make the needles penetrate easier and make sure the scar gets enough needle pricks. A small needle stamp is better for this. Scars on the forehead look the wor
  3. If you see my scar gallery Post Accutane I am badly scarred up, and I'm striving to be a musician any scar removal tips and tricks? Not exactly made of money perhaps a scar treatment "plan" can be made with my dermatologist? Who I see in 6 months. I have curiosities on prices, guestimations on how much Id need to shell out "if i absolutely must" Bleach stains "hypopigmentation" from deep marks, I honestly do not know what I should do. I had it the worst in my school..both schools i went too, I'd
  4. Jani93

    Post Accutane

    Me post accutane, scared up real good though lol. Mostly from the initial breakout, I don't know why I was put on the stuff if this was suppose to happen.