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  1. ive been using benzaclin for about a year now, and it has kept severe breakouts under control. for a while, i had NO zits whatsoever. but now i do again :^o i use clearisil cleanser (the cream cleanser, because i have DRY skin), and some special moisturizer from my derm. i'm also starting to use retin a for my scars, which i've had for over 2 frickin years. but, i'm thinking that instead of using retin a, i should use retin a micro, because that's also helpful for acne, and it really helped cl
  2. i cried to often...and im still crying too often. all of this emotional baggage is because of my frickin acne scars. And being depressed and crying causes more breakouts. It's like a neverending cycle for me.
  3. yup>im back for awhile. plz dont give me that "i thought you were trying to move on, loser" shit, because it'll just make things worse. im sad to say that my face has continued to severely hold me back. ESPECIALLY during the winter...my face gets pale. my red marks look as bad as they did a year and a half ago. and my benzaclin has stopped working well :^o ...im still getting breakouts. im on my knees begging for an answer. my depression has caused me to lose so much--friends, opportuni
  4. I posted a lot here before so I could find help. I found help, and now I should leave, because I'll feel better. :*) There's no need to be rude, thanks. I guess that staying logged out is the only answer, since no one else had any ideas. I'm not trying to call attention to myself, just asking for help. Sorry it sounded so DESPERATE. And I realize people here are searching for help, just as I was. Best wishes to everyone, I'll be coming here less frequently if at all: caline
  5. SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER. I have realized that wasting my life away in front of a computer and wallowing is just making everything worse. I'd like to get out there, and live my life. Therefore, I'd like to *UN*REGISTER from this board. Yet, I haven't been able to find a way. Simply not posting won't do it for me. I need this to be permanent and final. Write back ASAP *PLEASE*. HELP!!!!!! caline
  6. I apply Benzaclin at night; otherwise, it will make my skin all dry during the day. I'm about to give that cetaphil a try. I'm using St Ives Apricot Scrub right now, and its kinda harsh. How gentle is cetaphil? I don't wait to apply it after washing. Maybe I should...? lol caline
  7. Yeah, I know, the word OIL on an acne board makes you shudder, lol. But, do you think it could possibly help with red marks? I have some of the stuff, and it contains vitamens A, D and E. Problem is, I'm not up for any breakouts. caline
  8. I'm figuring that when products say "it will take about four-8weeks to notice improvement", they are screwing you. I mean, of course your CURRENT acne is going to be cleared up. Either that or nothing happens to the red marks after wasting 2 months waiting. Pretty depressing, but there's not much we can do. caline
  9. I'm just burning to say something mean back to him... lol. Anway, he's a loser that doesn't know anything! Well, no more Vita K for me. At least I tried... caline
  10. I'm just about FED UP with everything- especially Vita K. I used it again last night, and my zit-free face BROKE OUT. Oh yeah, and some guy said I was ugly! Well that some guy happened to be a fat, ugly red-head with icky clothes who sucks at french horn. Not fair! I swear to God, I'm ready to burst. I'm the only one who needs to wear coverup at my frickin school! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! caline
  11. Yeah, I tried that Loreal Combonatin Skin Foundation (in fact, I decided to wear it 2day for some odd reason). I thought it'd work- instead, it made me oily and uncomfortable. Currently I'm wearing D'Arcy foundation in Medium (which is too dark for my skin, but the Light is too light--aghh!) It's crappy for concealing my acne marks, but it makes me a lot less oily by the end of the day. I really do hope that by the time September rolls around, I'll either be foundation-free, or wear a LIGHT t
  12. How well did it work on your red marks? How soon? I'm thinking of giving it a go... Please write back ASAP caline O:)
  13. Screw what the dermotologist says: I need the sun! It will probably help camoflouge the nasty marks. Besides, who can pass up a nice tan? If only it weren't freakin cold in the middle of freakin may....damn!!!! THERE'S NO SUN AT ALL!!!!NOT FAIR!!!!!! caline #-o
  14. Is salisylic acid good for redmarks in terms of color? I need mine to fade pretty quickly. Originally, early on, I had said I wanted the pigmentation marks gone by my formal. Well, formal's like, 2 weeks away, and the marks are still as red/purple as ever. My new goal is to rid myself mostly of them by early June, when I go on a swimming trip with my grade. I really don't want to have to avoid the water because of messy liquid foundation or coverup. I want to be able to put on a tinted moist
  15. sweet :D/ The only down side is that it dries out skin like heck! caline O:)