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  1. +Joannie+

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    I use them. They are better than nothing, but they are nothing like sunlight, IME. When marketing says they emulate sunlight, they really mean they make the colors of things more "true". Compared to sunlight, they: Are much less bright. Have peaks in only a few frequencies. Have very little UVA. I can't tell whether the full-spectrums are any better for affecting digestion than normal bulbs. The Japanese study on light and digestion used normal fluorescents, but the subjects stuck their h
  2. +Joannie+

    me and my skin

    bad days good days
  3. +Joannie+

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    Well you know what ive been having a feeling me isolating had something to do with my acne, since in the last 2 years i started developing acne and i have also stopped going out very much at all and its gotten worse.. i barely go outside..especially in day light, im depressed, i dont eat right, i go to sleep late and wake up late.. my new years resolution is to change all of this so i better get to it.
  4. +Joannie+

    Stress & Cortisol increase acne

    ive just stopped taking wellbutrin this last week because i noticed when i stared taking it gradually i started getting more and more acne before my skin was perfect, i also did my research, im glad you posted this ive been trying to find a solution since ive pretty much stopped taking all my meds and i dont know what to do i have rapid cycling bipolar so i get stressed very easily its so hard not to, but i figured its the smarter move since i learned to control myself and all those meds have ug
  5. Ok so i started getting acne when i was 17 before my skin was perfect, it started around the time i got asthma i dont know if theres any connections. i am now 19, its progressively gotten worse and worse, about this last september is when its just became full blown acne like all the time breakouts, i was taking adderall and i stopped because i thought that could be making it worse, also ive stopped taking wellbutrin and my asthma medicines since researching has showed me most of them have acne s