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  1. Fuck me. Broke out again. This is starting to piss me off actually. Oh, pretty useless me telling you, man. Doubt you have the same skin type as me. Fuck I'm so oily. If the US knew how oily my skin was they'd pull out of Afghanistan. Anyway have another sexy pic. I don't wanna sound like a bitch whining about this acne bullshit but GODDDDAAAMNNN. Can't believe nearly 2000 people have viewed this thread and only a few replied. Pretty fucking heart broken actually
  2. Pretty much healed now. This threads been pretty dead. If anyone still around is still interested, here you are. Seems there might be more lurkers than posters. Shame.
  3. Haven't updated you guys in a while. Here's one if you're still interested.
  4. Taken a minute ago. Heavy night of binge drinking last night. Today I start another water fast. 3 days nothing but water. It's about 10PM here. Gonna see what a few early nights do for me.
  5. I hope you guys didn't think I wasn't going to show you my bad skin days. Here's an update of my forehead taken 5 minutes ago. Look at dat redness. I haven't slept properly in 5 days most likely getting about 5 or 6 hours sleep in total. Coupled with drinking overpriced red wine for the sake of Christmas gave me a couple of spots. YAY! Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated whenever I feel like taking a pic of my sexy skin. I know you love seeing my spots
  6. Acne can suck muh'dick

    1. For you I would recommend using a light tea tree cleanser and a gentle moisturiser with SPF. Remember to be gentle on your skin as if its a baby's skin. I believe the body shop do a great tea tree cleanser. Everyone raves about it! I'm using it too! Also remember to exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Update: pic of me as of now
    2. Just a quick update on my forehead. I haven't seen the sun in months here in middle England. So I'm like everyone at the moment who doesn't much fancy sunbeds in the sense I have dark circles and slightly pale skin tone. But fuck it, these mofos are on their way out. Currently I wash my face once a day and use an antiseptic Savlon moisturiser with bio oil. Will provide more updates when I see progress. Edit - Forgot to attach pic lol (((((((:
    3. Thank you for everyone who replied to this post After seeing using the Aloe Vera plant mentioned a couple of times it will be something I have to try soon. They seem to be fading quite well now actually due to the new regime I'm on. I've also incorporated drinking Apple Cider Vinegar in my diet. 2 table spoons every morning diluted with water. I'm currently avoiding working out as to avoid sweating but will get back into it once I'm certain my forehead won't break out any more. I always foun
    4. Hey guys. So my problem are these red marks on my forehead. The rest of my face and body is completely clear. But my forehead remains a problem. Would anyone be able to recognise anything for me just judging from this pic? If you need to know anything else, I'm 20, Male, Healthy and currently only use a manuka honey moisturiser with perhaps some vitamin e oil at night. I only stopped getting acne 2 months ago when I took was prescribed Doxycycline. I'm just left with this redness, I never pop
    5. You really think it will work? Is Retin-A similar to lactic acid? As I'm not to sure if lactid acid is too common in the United Kingdom. Do you perhaps know anywhere for more information on 40% lactid acid? Thank you for your reply!
    6. Yeah I know I have an astronomically huge forehead lol. Any tips for my forehead marks though? I've tried all sorts of things from Apple cider vinegar to antiseptic liquids but nothing seems to penetrate the marks! None of them are pitted, the surface is smooth (with the exception of the current pimples), but still has red marks. Man, what a pointless disease acne is.
    7. wow really thanks haha I suppose they are just red marks but I have had them for a while and they fade sometimes but then come back brighter another day. it's so strange! Any ideas or tips?