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  1. Omg I thought I lost this account forever ahhhh so happy to be back. Thank God got my password right yippee I have so much to share with you lively people honestly I can't wait. eeeek I'm acne free. Im going to share how I won my battle with my severe cystic acne week I'm back whoop whoop
  2. Hi, I have all the symptoms of PCOS - excessive face and body hair, acne, irregular periods (i'm not over weight, i'm normal weight 5ft and weigh less than 7 stones) i have my periods after 6 to 7 months and somtimes with the help of medicine i ovulate. I've had irregular periods since the age of 11, when i was at school i always thought i was lucky because all my other friends would complain about their periods and i would only have a period once or twice a year, little did i know at that tim
  3. theres this really good looking guy who keeps looking at me and tries to start a conversation with me, but the problem is my A.C.N.E everytime he comes near me, i quickly hide my face and pretend i didnt see him and run as fast as i can...seriously i cant stop thinking about him but i dont have the guts to tell him i like soo much with this ugly face of mine, i'm soo scared when he comes near me, he will notice my bad skin and will feel sick, i dont know what to do...i think i'm falling in love
  4. Hey guys, hope your all well At the moment, I am using Retin-A every night. I read some really good reviews on Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque and want to know if its ok for me to use this with Retin-A...i read somewhere you shouldnt use sulphur based products whilst on retin-A and this mask contains sulphur.. i dont even know what i read was true?? but then again, what if it is true..and i end up messing my face...like i did once before with a harsh product that caused permament discoloration
  5. Could i be damaging my body by drinking too much lemon juice ? whats the daily recommended allowance?
  6. I've been having a cucumber and carrot smoothie for 6 months now and drink it daily. i've seen no improvements in my acne. some people on here are saying green leafy smoothies like kale and spinach smoothies do wonders for acne sufferers and swear by them. do you think i should try green smoothies now? i dont care what they taste like, most of the food i eat, i hate but i'll do anthing to be acne free, been battling with my severe cystic acne for too long, i cant live like this forever or i'll e
  7. i'm a pakistani and the same problem here, not much we can do with the scarring, all the treatments out there have huge risks for asian skin...so i guess we just have to live with our acne scarring
  8. Hello there, What is the best acne treatment for asian skin for acne/ acne scarring? I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU GUYS XX
  9. does this treatment help with acne and acne scarring? have you seen an improvement yet? is this suitable for asian skin? i'm sorry, for all these questions lol
  10. Has anyone tried SEVEN HERBAL UBTAN CREAM (its made in Pakistan). i know alot of people who use this and have flawless skin and their skin is one uniform colour...it helps with hyperpigmentation, some people swear by this product and say it helps with acne. i've actually bought the product myself but it has no list of ingredients ..hmm weird eh?? i'm worried it may have harsh ingredients/chemicals which can ruin my skin..dont know if i should go ahead and use it?
  11. Aww thank you soo much for the link huni, that was really useful :) xx
  12. Aw thanks for the link huni :) xx I've tried lush's soaps before and had a really bad reaction, eventhough their products are natural and organic but they use strong ingredients which can cause acne flare ups..in my case it certainly did, this could be good though!