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  1. Anyone out there whose acne gets in the way of your marriage or long term relationship? My husband is never abusive about it. He doesn't insult me or belittle me. But when I have a breakout, I can sense him looking at my zits. For those of us who have acne, we CAN tell when someone is looking in our eyes and when they are looking at our zits. He also gets upset and worried that whatever I'm taking isn't working. But not upset on my behalf. He's upset because HE doesn't like my acne.
  2. I'm in the same boat. After years of antibiotics, I finally got a doctor to give me Accutane. It cleared everything up great for about a year. Then it came back and I switched from Nuvaring (which doesn't help acne) to Apri, which does. I had the occasional zit, but nothing like before. Recently my husband and I decided to see if we could have a baby. I even visited the dermatologist beforehand because I knew my acne would flare after stopping the pill. My husband wanted me to go back o
  3. Hi Tangerine, I think I'm already doing pretty well in that department, for various reasons. 1) I've been vegetarian since I was 17. I recently gave up dairy because of problems digesting it, but hopefully that works for the acne too. I avoid processed foods and drink only water, green tea, and the occasional coffee. 2) I sleep at least 7 hours a night, 9 on weekends. I've learned that sleep deprivation is not for me (though that calls having a baby into question! ) 3) I exercise abou
  4. I've struggled with cystic acne since I was 16. One thing that worked great for me was birth control pills (plus a half-dozen other things). However, I became concerned that they might be rendered ineffective by the minocin I was taking for acne. I switched to Nuvaring because the gyn told me that the antibiotic-bcp reaction happens in the digestive system and Nuvaring skips that. Two years ago, I finally took Accutane, and it worked for about 6 months afterwards, then I was back to the old c
  5. Why not use the OCM on the rest of your face and go back to the proactiv for your chin? It's a pain, but that's what combination skin is all about.