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  1. WARNING- MY POST IS NOT VERY ACNE RELATED. But I do believe that this topic is very important to our mental health! Dear Users! I hope you are all well! I'm very glad to see all of your faces again! If you don't want to read my whole post: Please comment about: Who your Role Model(s) are - why - and the pro's and con's of having role models. Briefly - about me: I am 18 years old - in high school, I have been taking Lymacycline for a year and my acne has subsided thankfully.
  2. no going to uni would be good, you can start fresh and get away from all those shitfaces, ugh that ben guy and the asshole i want to smash their heads in D:< and actually my friend had a similar situation, not as big and we were all just tiny middle schoolers lol, but she and this guy liked each other and this other guy told him that she was telling people that he was begging her to go out with him (which she didnt do) aaand so he got mad at her even after she told him she didnt, but she even
  3. Thankyou man, that's great advice I really do need a hobby tbf No worries man. Without going into too much detail, just recently, I fell for a girl. We get along really well. Problem was that she lives on the other side of the country, so in my defense, I couldn't really do anything in regards of going out with her and stuff like that. I went as far as writing a song for her. She liked it a lot, but I didn't get the response I was hoping for. I'm slowly moving on, but it hasn't affected me too
  4. Tell him to stay the FRIDGE away from pro-active But for me the main thing I would recommend is be gentle with your... when I started off, everybody told me I wasnt washing enough or wasnt using a strong enough product or wasn't scrubbing hard enough. Oh yeah, and what works for you should likely work for him. Genetics has a big part to play in acne.
  5. Thankyou man, that's great advice I really do need a hobby tbf
  6. Thankyou everybody for the help I've had such a bad day at school and I can't wait until graduation so i can get away from all this, but even then my parents are making me go to Uni which i really dont want to go to so even then I dont feel like i have no enjoyable future ugh life eh? To taketheskies- I agree with everything you said, i do believe i probably put a lot of hope in that relationship believing that it would improve my life. As for self harm, I wouldn't totally agree with it bei
  7. Eating? applying ? Or smelling? Sorry I should have specified
  8. Lmao, it was a few months, not a few days and Its not the fact that she rejected me that affects me, just what she said that hurts i cant forget about
  9. Hello everyone! Its good to be back on the forums. First of all, I must warn you- this doesn't have a whole lot to do with acne and this definately isn't something that you would want to look at if you are in the mood for a happily ever after sort of story. I know that these problems are so called 'first world problems', it's true that many of you are going through harder things from much more serious issues. I am not looking for pity or a place to rant. Just some advice or support. It'
  10. Thankyou Kyle! I was worrying that i would have to stick to a strict diet because i still live at home with my parents and i cant control my diet nor would i be happy to restrict so much :/ But still, i hope that i can get some tips that will help me out from it! maybe not perfect skin overnight but atleast a little bit of info i suppose
  11. Hello everybody! I hope you are all doing great ! I was just wondering if anybody has any experience with the Acne Erasing Secrets E-book and whether they would recommend it. Im about to ask my dad to allow me to buy the E-Book and im hoping to give him re-assurance that it's worth the money. I've tried all the washes and moisturizers and Bullpoop and i want to try the internal approach to curing acne. I've seen David on the forums and been watching his youtube videos and he seems very well in
  12. I used the Acne.org regimen for about a year. I have also been off the regimen for about a year since serious skin irritation and redness took place. Since then, I've been moisturizing, staying well clear of harsh acne treatments, washing my face with oatmeal and using Indian healing clay, aloe vera gel. Everything that is said to help irritation. Redness is less of an issue than it used to be but my skin tone is horrible and is a mix of orange, red and yellow. Some people say i have a tan. I
  13. Hey everybody I recently found out that oatmeal significantly clears up my skin. However, anybody else who has used oatmeal before will know that it is very messy. It clogs the sink, sometimes a piece of it gets left in my hair and later on somebody embarrassingly points it out It is also quite impractical for everyday use as sometimes i just cant be bothered to use it at 7am before school when im half awake. I need an alternative to oatmeal, anything natural really as i have SENSITIVE SK