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  1. paula526


    I admire your courage to post pics and also your concerns about birth control and antibiotics. Antibiotics never worked for me, and most birth control made my acne worse. I am trying to go without meds. Have you done acupuncture in addition to the chinese herbs? I'm doing acupuncture once a week plus three different kinds of herbs everyday. I feel so much better after acupuncture, and lots of times my redness dies down after a session. I've only been doing it for about a month but I think I am
  2. paula526

    Dan's New Moisturizer

    The new moisturizer doesn't cut it for me either. I end up flakey and with overall rough skin by the end of the day. I started using Dan's AHA at night instead of the yellow moisturizer and it works great. When I get up in the morning my skin is still moisturized. I'm worried that using AHA twice a day could be a bad thing. Also, I don't really want increased sun sensitivity. So I was thinking about switching to CeraVe. Do you like it thus far?
  3. paula526


    I am taking Aleve for premenstal acne now. I have seen a HUGE increase in breakouts in the past three days and I think that my cycle might be the culprit. I'm worried about taking too much. So just one a day for me I suppose. My skin is really dry now too. I guess maybe I'll lay off the BP at least in the morning. Is it normal to experience flaking everytime you ramp up the dosage? I waited until all my dry skin went away from the previous amount. Now this amount seems to be way too much...
  4. paula526

    DAY 12

    So I thought everything was getting much better. But I am starting to break out again at the same old rate I was. I am supposed to start my period next week so I am taking Aleve to try and curb the acne from my hormones. Overall this is upsetting, but I guess I was expecting this to happen. Maybe this is just an initial breakout because I increased my BP. I will keep going! This has to work eventually! Right? It sucks to feel like I look like a fifteen year old when in reality I am 2
  5. paula526

    Day 10 (would have been 8 weeks now)

    Congrats! And thanks for your advice about the BP! I decreased my dosage, I think you saved me a lot of trouble!
  6. paula526

    DAY 10

    I have upped my BP dosage a little. Now I am doing a little over a quarter finger length with minimal dryness. I still have breakouts. Less and less though. The redmarks are remaining for what feels like a long time. But I am still very hopeful that in 12 days I will be looking even better. I decided against electrolysis OR any more facials until I am all clear. That will be hard but it will make it easier to tell whether electrolysis causes my acne. I am also very worried about my perio
  7. paula526

    WEEK 1 day 6 (for real)

    Yesterday I said it was week 1 day 6. I was wrong, today is infact week 1 day 6. I feel like I am making progress. More pimples are coming, I can feel them under my skin. But I think that they will heal faster than before. My skin is not as dry with less BP and jojoboa oil. I will probably continue at this rate of BP until more dryness has subsided. Then I plan to only increase the amount I am doing at night. I would rather this process take forever than to get a horribly red and peel
  8. paula526

    WEEK 1 Day 6

    Due to a comment by on my last post I decided to decrease the amount of BP I am currently using to avoid the flakiness of ramping up too quickly. I think this is helping me already. My skin is much less dry and rough today. I will keep doing a quarter of my finger length twice a day for awhile until all flakiness and dryness has gone away. I also started using jojoba oil before and after cleansing. This adds significant time onto my regimen but I suppose it is all worth it. I am having t
  9. paula526

    WEEK 1

    Thank you so much for your honest advice! I backed off the BP last night and just used half the amount I've been using. I think you are right, I am starting to see more flakes and the moisturizer doesn't go on as smoothly as it did the first few days. How about the AHA? Is it a bad idea to use that in the beginning?
  10. paula526

    WEEK 1

    I am currently on day 5 of the regimen. Prior to doing the regimen I was using a prescription Obagi set with BP so my skin is very used to BP. My first week I am using about the amount of BP I think most people would start using at week 4. More than half a finger length. I am also using AHA at night. AHA seems to help my pimples to fade. I am experiencing lots of flakes but overall the results from this first week are really encouraging. Some pimples that were very stubborn and have