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  1. Kendra=)

    - No colour or smell - Somewhat cheap - Good to use as a cleanser - Bad moisturizer, cause of my breakout! So I bought this after being on the regimen for 3 month in hopes of reducing the dryness that comes along with it. So I did as I heard other, adding a couple drops to my moisturizer.. and I will admit it did stop my dryness, but about 3-4 days later BAM! Terrible breakout :( I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and I realized it was the jojoba! I was so mortified beca
  2. 8-year-old cousin: "So what happened.. did you get stung by a bee a bunch of times on your face?" Or when I first started getting acne at like age 10, and I use to play with my neighbours in my court and they'd just flat out tell me "You have acne. Like lot's and lot's of acne" As if I didn't know that? Or in grade 7 my friend says we should have nicknames for each other! Yours can be pimple! HAHA just kidding" Wow your fricking hilarious! ) And in my tech class I asked if there was a scratch on
  3. I take COD Liver oil & 50mg Zinc a day. I've taken many vitamins in attempt for them to help my skin, and those are really the only vitamins that I could tell made a visable difference. Multivitamins are great also if your not getting the correct amount of vitamins, so no, it won't hurt.
  4. Scientifically and all that, I have no clue. But same for me, I always get clear when I had a cold. I don't know if it was just a coincidence because I usually would stay home and not wear makeup?
  5. Kendra=)

    Love this stuff Makes open zits smaller faster Easy to use Get alot out of that tiny bottle! Hard to buy when not buying whole kit Doesn't eliminate acne really. It's a great spot treatment, probably best i've ever used.. but it isn't meant to be used alone because it won't get rid of your acne! I used to use proactiv but now I use Dan's regimen because it's cheaper/better so it's hard to get just the mask! But it is a great spot treatment like I said!
  6. Kendra=)

    It truly does help reduce acne! Inexpensive Hard to swallow Takes a while to work Does not reduce acne TOTALLY It does work! It worked for me, I would never breakout and had insanly clear skin with maybe 1 pimple that would go away withint 1-2 days! And I would occasianly break out around that time of the month but nothing major. So I was taking Zinc for about 3 months along with Omega-3, vit C and vit D and it helped my acne as I said, but it got kind of a hassle to take all thos