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  1. 5 Months post Accutane: Thought i'd send out what will probably be my final update. I started using BP wash about 2 months after I finished accutane because my forehead was such a mess. It sucked for the first 3 months as my skin was breaking out like crazy and it seemed like there was no end in sight. Fast forward 3 months later and my skin is finally under control! I'm using a Salicylic acid apricot scrub first to get a deep pore cleaning and then rinsing that off and using a 5% BP wash,
  2. 3 weeks post accutane: Well its back was really hoping accutane was the answer for me but unfortunately I will have to keep trying to fight it. Very disheartening.
  3. Course 2, day 52 (Week 22): Just took my last pill!! I currently have 0 spots on my face. Very happy to be done but also VERY nervous of relapsing like I did last time. Can't wait to stop being dry all the time. I will come back and update when there is something to update. Stay strong everyone
  4. Course 2, day 147 (Week 21): Currently have 2 small spots in the middle of my forehead that don't come to a head and will probably go away within the next few days. Still surprised i'm not clear. Last week was not fun as I had 2 larger spots that lingered a while. I only have a few more days left and I am not confident at all that I will be clear after this course but at least I will be done! Side effects are the same: dry lips, dry face, dry arms, dry everywhere pretty much. I will post pic
  5. Course 2, day 135 (Week 19): Still had a few actives throughout the week. I am seriously baffled as to how I was perfectly clear last course on a much lower dose and this course I have yet to completely attain that. Still very dry and red. Thanks JDTane for the advice! I slather on moisturizer at least twice a day but I will definitely go get some sun screen as I am bad for putting it on when i'm out in the sun. Only 15 more days left and then I am done!! (hopefully forever)
  6. Course 2, day 126 (Week 18): This week was a whole lot better!! I currently have 2 very small pimples that will go away on their own within a day or two but no large or painful spots!! Very happy, hopefully this is a breakthrough? I have less than a month to go so hopefully I can clear up completely and stay that way. Still very dry, peeling, red but those are the only side effects.
  7. Course 2, day 118 (Week 17): Still breaking out pretty much every day. Yes, they are smaller but it is still extremely frustrating and I don't get it. This course is so much different than my first and I'm confused as to why i'm not clear like last time. Hopefully the end result is different too and I remain clear, at least for longer than 2 months. I had my Dr's appointment yesterday and I got my last prescription for 100mg. I will be finished this course in a month and 3 days. I cannot
  8. Thanks Gracie! Really hope it's all worth it in the end, it would be so disappointing to have gone through this again only to relapse. Course 2, day 112 (Week 16): This week was a lot better although I still had that one cyst that is still hanging around. I can't remember one that has remained active for so long! It seemed like it faded away a few days ago only to come back yet again! It's now red and inflamed without a head, although not as bad as in the previous picture. Face
  9. Course 2, day 98 (Week 14): I have had 2 or 3 smaller (but still very noticeable), painful cyst like pimples on my forehead this week. Very discouraging. This time during my first course I was clear by now. Not sure if I am still adjusting to the new dose or what but I really hope I clear up soon. I am a lot more dry and my face is peeling a little. My arms have also developed eczema on my upper arms and they look like a cluster of pimples. I am also very red and have been flushing a bi
  10. Course 2, day 90 (Week 13): Last few weeks have been extremely busy. I've been traveling like crazy for work and haven't had time to update this. The last 2 weeks have been better although I'm still getting small pimples on a semi regular basis. I've been progressing but at a much slower pace than my first course. I currently have 2 very small pimples that probably won't come to a whitehead. I am very happy with the progress however I am not clear yet. Today marks the first day of taking 10
  11. Course 2, day 70 (Week 10): This week was full of highs and lows. To start the week my face was awful with a cyst and a bunch of other spots, but as the week progressed my face got much better and I actually had 0 actives at one point until 2 tiny spots developed a day later. Right now I have one spot just above my eyebrow on the right side, but other than that I am clear! Hopefully this continues as I have a national sales meeting in 2 weeks where I will be around colleagues pretty much 24/7
  12. Looking good! In my experience, and from reading countless blogs, ~day 80 is where most people see real progress so for you to be clearing up already after only 2 months is encouraging! Stay positive, it only gets better from here, and just in time for summer
  13. Course 2, day 63 (Week 9): Skin has remained calmer than previous weeks, although I still have about 4-6 little spots, 2 of which are red and a little noticeable, although not large by any means. All in all I am happy with the progress and hopeful it will keep getting better! As far as side effects go my face is constantly red and looks sunburnt (luckily it's spring so I can blame it on being in the sun), dry arms/hands and occasional flushing. Edit: For some reason my face decided