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    Gets skin really clean! Love the little microbeads I'm not allergic to it!!! Soothes skin! A liiiiiiittle bit pricey, but it's worth it! My skin is super weird. It's really oily, but then sometimes I get these horrible dry patches!!! I have mostly residual red marks and a few pimples now. It's a nice gentle exfoliator for anybody. If your skin is super dry, it might not be a great idea, because it cleans really well!
  1. You know, dairy breaks me out terribly. I'm 13, and still need calcium though. I drink almond milk, it's got a lot of nutrients in it. Soy yogurt is a good idea too. Its got all the probotics, and no hormones!
  2. Lolz, thanks, I don't wear any other makeup, I just use powder to control oil. It's totally fine with my parents, also.
  3. Oooooh yeah, I find myself in that same boat soooooooooo much! Either I just say "No thanks," and nobody says anything, or I just say that I'm full. If worst comes to worst, I just say, "No thanks, cake breaks me out really badly," nobody thinks I'm weird or anything. (I'm 13)
  4. I eat some plain whole wheat bread, or carrots, cucumbers, apples, sometimes popcorn (no butter or oil)
  5. Hi, I'm a 13 year old girl who has acne, mostly a bunch red marks by now, with a couple zits. My skin is SO oily it's not even funny. It'll get shiny within less than an hour. It's not caused by my diet, as I've been careful with that (no candy, greasy foods, sugar, white flour, most processed foods, I basically live off salad.) So, I use a talc free powder to help control the shine. Do you think it's weird that I use powder? After all, I'm only 13, and I don't really like the idea of usin